David Montgomery, Jr Leaving

Dave Montgomery

Dave Montgomery

Today ended on a sad note as Bo McMinn and I were informed that one of our favorite HDL players and friend, David Montgomery is departing Memphis for a career opportunity in Phoenix, Arizona.  David reports to his new city of residence a week from tomorrow.

David has been a member of the  HDL  since spring of 2013.  Since joining the HDL, Dave embraced the format of the HDL brand of Adult Baseball participation.  David moved to Memphis last year when he accepted a staff position with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Every time David played in an HDL game he demonstrated to his teammates and other HDL teams that he always gave his best.  His gentlemanly manner is an example many of our members looked up to and are challenged to emulate.

He loves to talk sports with anyone who has his mutual interests.  Big things are in the future for David. He promises to continue to keep in touch with his HDL Roots by monitoring the Blog and I am sure if anyone ever travels to the Phoenix area, he will welcome you to stop by for a cold beverage and share a conversation about his love of Baseball.  The HDL wishes David all the best.

We will miss him.

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