Time to Re-Focus

Since middle of November I have unintentionally hibernated from the Blog.  Every time I turned on my PC and opened my browser the http://hdlmemphis.org blog site home page would remind me that I needed to post something related to baseball. Each time I would search my thoughts for some topic of interest.  But nothing would grab my attention enough to stop all my other priorities to concentrate on a complete blog. 

Even now as I start this post I am not sure what I want to type about.  During the past 40 plus days I have only had a few messages from HDL contacts.  Sure there have been a few text messages from HDL members who send me text messages prior to Holiday’s sending their best wishes. Concerning these “text” messages I want to let everyone know that I do not have everyone’s phone number in my address book. So when someone sends a Text and does not attach their name or initials or something to tell me who they are, I am clueless.  (For instance:  who is “941-400-9040?” or “901-304-9707?” or “901-651-7303?”)  I guess I could research my stored phone lists for teams and try to find a match.  But that is usually not very convenient so I blow it off. 

As I said, I have been non-stop busy with: Tobey winter grass prep, home repairs,  support for my CBU customer projects, Tiger BB season tickets, Grizzly games, grandson BB games, honey-do’s, requests for help from friends, football games, parties, and a few other misc. time eaters.Winter Rye grass

Winter Rye grass


In the last few days I have re-generated my baseball callings by watching the MLB TV Series on different seasonal recap shows.  Each of these shows would focus on baseball during different decades: the ’60’s; 70’s; 80’s, etc.  This made me think about trying to do something similar for the HDL.  After all, the HDL  was playing baseball and making our own history during those various decades.  It would certainly be nice if the HDL had game videos during those glory years.  Our video archives did not start to build until 1985 or 1986 when I bought my first VHS Camcorder.  A few days after the 2014 Season Banquet I was playing some of those early tapes and found video of a road trip the HDL made to St Louis, Mo. to play an over 30 Team from Cahokia, Ill (Across river from STL).  I transferred this video to DVD so I can try to add it to the website and/or show it at next year’s Banquet.

Now that the calendar is about to end for 2014 and calendar year 2015 will begin next week, the countdown for the up-coming season can begin. Only 2 months from January 1st, the HDL will start opening up Tobey Park for preseason practices and roster formation processing.  So I guess this is a good time to remind everyone that if you had talked to players last season about joining the HDL, these new players need to express their interest by coming out to Tobey when the preseason starts.

Typical Preseason

Typical Preseason

During the next 2 months the HDL Officers will be holding organizational meetings to review all the details it takes to put a new season together. We will discuss:  Rules (changes, corrections, additions), Uniforms, sponsors, team draft procedures, wood bats vs non-wood bats, Tobey field improvements, Container Clean-out, post-season awards, banquet, etc.

So Until I get my next “baseball rush” or find something brilliant to write about, I will let this be “it” for a while.  I would appreciate your ideas, thoughts, concerns to be sent to me or other HDL officers to help us generate a topic that other HDL members might also enjoy. 

Stay in touch. Think about staying in shape or becoming more active (physically) to make yourself a better athlete and therefore a better baseball player. 


Larry Rutledge, HDL President

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