March Madness – HDL-wise (Sunday, 2/22/2015)

The HDL Blog “Time/Event-Tracker” sidebar predicts we are only 7 days from holding our first official workout date at Tobey Field.

As everyone knows, for the past 10 days, Memphis has had only a few hours when conditions were adequate enough to even think about being on a baseball field. The majority of last 10 days we have had below freezing temperatures and frequent wet and wintry conditions. 

Tobey last week.

Tobey last week.

Normally, we would be optimistic that Memphis will get some increasing days of near springlike weather at this time of year.  However, the forecast for next 10 days is just ‘more of the same‘.  While temperatures are going to remain ‘cool’, after tonight (2/22), the rain, sleet & snow might stop long enough to allow the field to dry out by next Sunday. But this “estimated” chance is no guarantee. 

So our plan to meet on Sunday. March 1st for a “Welcome back” workout is “IFFY”.  IF, the field is Dry? IF, the temperatures are bearable? IF, it is not raining? 

Now the next big “IF”.  If we have to cancel the March 1st date, how will this affect start of season? 

Remembering last year?

Remembering last year?

Losing the first date of season start-up has never affected the HDL season start.  However, losing 2 weeks in a row will definitely impact our plans to conduct the team draft as early as March 15th.

Holding the team draft on March 22nd would be our worst-case scenario.  I must also mention that due to Larry Rutledge and Patrick Belote being out of town on Spring Break the weekend of March 8th, any practice session on March 8th will be organized by HDL Officers Robert Miller and Bo McMinn. I am  assuming Bo can be outside with his new leg cast by that date. 

If you all have not heard, Bo McMinn had surgery on his left foot last week to remove an abnormal bone growth that has been affecting his ability to walk without pain. Bo's Left Foot The surgery was a success but his 2015 playing baseball days will be postponed until 2nd half of the season.  Bo has promised he will fulfill his HDL Officer duties to the best of his handicap abilities.  Bo will be relegated to Scorekeeper and lawn mower driver and anything else he can hobble around and do.  We all wish Bo a speedy and successful recovery. 

I will continue to post updates concerning any changes to our planned workout on March 1st.  Please keep in touch and send me your questions or comments.  The season will be here before you know it, even if a little delay slows us down.


Larry Rutledge

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