Another Sunday, another rain-out. Rain is good for the grass, trees and other plants, but bad for baseball. 

This weekend the forecast was for lots of rain. When the rain stayed away on Friday & Saturday, I had high hopes we would get lucky for Sunday.  But “No”. 

When I woke up at 5:30 AM to start checking the weather, I could see it was sprinkling but did not look significant.  By the time Bo McMinn and I reached Tobey field, the rain was a little heavier. However, we could still walk on the dirt without causing deep footprints.  This was a sign that adding a little Quik-Dry would improve any footing problems.  So I immediately went to my computer and updated the Blog to announce we would keep game schedule as published.

However, as I was uploading the Blog update, the rain started coming down heavier. As the clock got closer to 8:00 AM, Bo called me and we assessed the conditions to be improbable for acceptable baseball competition.  So a final decision was issued to go ahead and cancel today’s games. 

Since Patrick Belote joined us this morning at Tobey, we discussed our options to expedite HDL Season Opener on Sunday, April 26th.  If we can hold a mini-exhibition game next Friday night, we may be able to assign all un-assigned players before next Sunday and proceed with Season Opener on April 26th.  So that is the Plan. 

Meet the new players: 

I have tried to take some pictures of players who indicated a desire to play in the HDL this season.  Here are some players you need to meet and make welcome when you see them.  Introduce yourselves to make them feel at home.

Will McPherson Meet Will McPherson. Will is Manager of Lost Pizza Restaurant who became a 2015 Team Sponsor. Will mentioned he used to play baseball in high school and asked if he could tryout.With his busy schedule, Will hopes to play in the HDL as much as he can.  Will Bats & throws right. An Outfielder who might try his pitching skills when he gets his arm in shape.

Brett Delk Meet Brett Delk.  Brett met Patrick Belote and found out about the HDL.  Brett is in his mid-30’s and played Baseball and Football in College. Brett bats & throw’s right.  Due to recent family issues he had been unable to attend last 2 practices but he fully intends to pursue a position on an HDL team for this season.

Javier Correa Meet Javier Correa.  Javier Bats & Throws right.  Over 30 years old.  Javier is friends with Carlos Varela and hopes to play on an HDL Team this season.

Michael Hudson Meet Michael Hudson.  Michael bats and throws Left. In his late 30’s. Michael actually used to play baseball with Bo McMinn and Jodie Wolfe so he is familiar with a few faces already.With lots of baseball experience, Michael will be a solid player for whatever team is is assigned to.

Salvadore Pena Meet Salvadore Pena.  “Sali” actually tried to play in the HDL in 2014 but due to work schedule circumstances he had to sit-out the season.  Salvadore is back and fired up to play some baseball.  Salvadore Bats & throws Right and is versatile.

Lowell Hinte Meet Lowell Hinte.  Lowell is friends with Andrew Waddell and loves baseball. He is 30 years old, Bats & Throws Right. An Outfielder who has lots of vitality to add some zip to an HDL lineup.  The Blue team has asked that Lowell be assigned to his team to start the season since he only knows a few players in the league.  This is where he will start out but could be traded later in the season.

Roban 2015 Meet Roban ???.  Roban ??? is a very quiet player who says he turned 30 this year. Roban is versatile and has shown he can pitch but needs work to tune-up his mechanics. He Bats & Throws Right.


Other New Players who have not had their photo taken will also be introduced at the next scheduled game. 

          Christopher Bruce – Friend of Glen Coombs 

          Allen Sickles – Friend of Kevin Nilsen 

         Jesse Arrambide contacted LR by email and phone call. Jesse played a few game for the HDL when he was barely 30 years old.  He is now 42 and wants to play again in the HDL.

Larry Rutledge


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