HDL – Week in Review (June 3 thru June 7)

What a great week it was!

Our previous 3 weeks in May were washed out by rain or Mothers Day (off).  So when the forecast looked positive for baseball, we decided to add a mid-week game on Wednesday, June 3rd, between Lomax Dodgers and CDS A’s.

On short notice, I give a lot of credit and appreciation to managers of these teams for contacting players and help put this game together.  The CDS Athletic’s had the most difficulty getting their full roster but found they had a strong nucleus to represent their team.

Wednesday (6/3): Lomax Dodgers 8 – CDS A’s 4

With help from Nick Harris, Jodie Wolfe and Tim Wallenstrom, the A’s had just enough to play. The Athletics were home team and after giving up 3 runs in top of first and another 2 runs in top of third, the A’s came back with 4 runs in bottom of the third inning to make the score 5-4. P1010952With Andrew Waddell pitching for the Dodgers and Kevin Latham for the A’s,  these guys showed why starting pitching in the HDL is our strength. For innings 4 thru 7, neither team could score. It wasn’t until the top of the 8th that Dodgers, with 2 outs, got 3 consecutive hits from Waddell, Bacchus and Adkison. Adkison’s double scored Waddell and Bacchus. P1010969Andrew Waddell and Kevin Latham helped their team cause by striking out 10 & 9 respectively.

Hitting LeadersDodgers:  Brian Nilsen (2 for 4); Waddell (2 for 3); Travis Hill (2 for 4)

                                     A’s: Cory Morgan (3 for 5); Nick Harris (2 for 3)

Friday (6/5): Lost  Pizza Orioles 9 – Lomax Dodgers 7

2015-06-05 21.50.10Friday was interesting because once again, the Lost Pizza Orioles was short players (Will McPherson, Ramon Moreta, Tim Harris).  This lean roster meant Larry Rutledge and John DiGiacomo had to play the entire game – in the Outfield! (This unplanned situation also affected my opportunity to take  very many game action pictures.)

Meanwhile, the Lomax Dodgers were without the services of A-Wad, Jesse Arrambide, Lowell Hinte, and Tony Lomax. So the game was pretty equally matched.  Jake Hatchett started for the Orioles and Travis Hill for the Dodgers.  Both pitchers were excellent.  Jake struck out 6 and Travis 3.  Hits were even for both teams at 8 each.

Hitting LeadersDodgers:  Travis Hill (2 for 3)

                                   Orioles: Nick Harris (3 for 3)

Infield defense and pitching was BIG during this game.  Several times, Patrick Belote and Brian Nilsen came up with clutch ground ball outs to help their pitchers. John McPhail was outstanding for the Orioles at Third Base. Even though the score was close, errors by the Orioles helped the Dodgers make it tight at the end. After the game, the Dodgers felt they were on-track to make a comeback if the game had gone the full 9 innings.

Packed like sardines in a CAN!The story to this game was the timely arrival of a near torrential downpour just as the top of the 6th inning was finished with Orioles ahead 9-7. As soon as we saw streaming water flooding the infield, the game was ‘called’ and the score at that time became “Official”.2015-06-05 21.33.10  After the game was called and the rain ceased, the remaining players stuck around for our usual ‘fun & games’, without the grill being fired up.  Rain lasted almost 30-40 minutes. As we watched the field flood and then quickly drain off or suck-up the water, Rutledge projected that if weather on Saturday stayed dry, then playing Sunday should be no problem.

Sunday (6/7): Game 1 – Peterbilt Cardinals 6 – CDS A’s 4

PW for Cards.

PW for Cards.

Tobey field conditions were fantastic when the game started at 9:00 AM. Wes Hill was on the mound for A’s and PW Burnett toed the rubber for the Cardinals.  Both pitchers have had little opportunity to pitch during this rain suppressed start to the HDL season. But both pitchers quickly established their rhythm and control as they were tough on opposing hitters.

Wes Hill On-Deck

Wes Hill On-Deck

The Cardinals took a 2-0 lead in top of 1st inning when Paul Baioni walked, stole 2nd and advanced to 3rd when A’s turned a 6-4-3 DP. So with 2 outs, Brett Delk walked. Both Baioni & Delk scored on Otis Edwards‘ 2 RBI double. In bottom of 1st, the A’s answered back as Jose Ortiz singled then stole 2 bases as PW struck-out Cory Morgan and Jeff Allen before Kevin Latham RBI single scored Jose.

In 3rd inning Paul Baioni lead off with a solid single and after his SB, he scored on James Skinner’s RBI single. As game moved on, each team was able to push across single runs in 3rd, 4th & 5th innings to make the score 4-3 going into the top of the 6th inning as time was running out. In top of 6th inning, Otis Edwards led off with another double.  James Moroschak reached on a fumble by Cory Morgan. Oscar Zamudio had an RBI double to make score 5-3. Then, with 2 outs, Tim Wallenstrom smashed a long single to right field to score Oscar.  Tim’s dash for 2nd base ended the inning as Tim was thrown out 9-4. In bottom of the 6th inning, PW Burnett had a 3 run lead (6-3) as Wes Hill singled and scored on DJ Clark’s single. The game quickly ended on a 4-6-3 Double Play with final score of 6-4.

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 Hit Leaders: Cardinals – James Skinner (2/2); Otis (2/3); Michael Hudson (2/3)

                            AthleticsKevin Latham (2/3); Wes Hill (2/3)

Pitching Stats:  Cards – PW Burnett (6 IP, 4 R/2 ER, 7 H, 8 K’s, 2 BB, 1 HBP);

                              Athletics – Wes Hill (6 IP, 6 R/6 ER, 9 H, 7 K’s, 4 BB)

Sunday (6/7): Game 2 – Peterbilt Cardinals 3 –  Lost Pizza Orioles

By time this game started at 11:55 AM, the Sunday temperature was in the mid-80’s and with humidity, it was a sweaty day. It was a “Schweety Balls Day” (SNL Classic) The pitchers for both teams adjusted to the heat by slowing their arm speed down. Hitters on both teams had to deal with lots of “off-speed” pitches which disrupted timing.

James Skinner

James Skinner

Orioles batted first. Defense for both teams was spectacular – the whole game. Orioles put 2 runs on the board in top of 3rd inning as Hunsucker singled and scored on Nick Harris RBI triple. Tim Harris followed with an RBI single to put Orioles up 2-0.  In bottom of 3rd inning, Cards lead-off hitter, Michael Hudson got his money’s worth out of his special composite wood bat as he took a Nick Harris fastball over the right-field fence. (HR).

But this day belonged to the pitchers as the score remained 2-1 until the 8th inning.  Not throwing Michael Hudson anything to hit basically put the tying run on-base. After Paul Baioni struck-out, James Skinner came to the plate with 2 outs and an important opportunity to change the outcome of the game.  His double in the left field gap allowed Hudson to score from first when Orioles throw to cut-off Shortstop was mishandled.  Game Tied (2-2).

Hottest Hitter in HDL

Hottest Hitter in HDL

In top of 9th inning, Skinner stayed with his game plan and quickly retired Wolfe-Moreta-Jocko to get his team back on offense. Lead-off hitter, Brett Delk started a rally by hitting a routine fly ball to right-center where Larry Rutledge thought Tim Harris might try to get to this ball.  When Rutledge saw Harris was shading left-center he had to re-focus on the track of the fly ball. That quick glance was enough to allow the ball to drift over Rutledge head as there was a slight breeze blowing toward right.  When the ball dropped, Delk was hustling into 2nd base and the winning run was on-base.  Baseball drama – HDL Style!

It was decided to intentionally walk Carlos Varela to set up potential force play with Oscar Zamudio at bat.  When Oscar squared around to bunt and Cardinals did a surprise double steal, Orioles catcher, Jerry Tatum made a quick throw to third base that was low and glanced off John McPhail’s glove.  When the ball trickled into foul territory, Brett Delk saw an opportunity to rush home and score the winning run.

Game Over – 9 innings played in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Great Game!

Great Game!

Hit Leaders: Cardinals – James Skinner (2/4); Michael Hudson (1/3, HR)  Orioles – one hit each: Hunsucker, Harris, Harris, Moreta, Jocko.

Pitching StatsCards – Skinner (9 IP, 2 R/2 ER, 5 H, 3 K’s, 1 BB)  Orioles – Nick Harris (9 IP, 3 R/2 ER, 7 H, 7 K’s, 7 BB)

After the game, the celebration of fun on the field continued to the Bar & Grill.  Food was welcome after expending lots of energy in the games played.  Special thanks goes to Jose Ortiz and other A’s players for sticking around to cook and cheer for players in 2nd game.



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