Cardinals and Dodgers at top of Standings

Through last weekend, HDL teams have played 10 games since finally starting the season on May 3rd. During this time span there have been 3 rainouts and 2 Holidays (Mothers Day & Memorial Day).  Oh yeah, one game was shortened by a rain storm but the game counted.

Four games were 1 run games. Three games were 2 run games and 2 games were 5 runs or more. All-in-all, I have to believe our teams are pretty well balanced.  Defense and pitching is the ingredients to close scores. In the pitching totals, there have been a total of 135 Strikeouts to go along with 88 Walks and 8 Hit Batters.  A total of 43 errors have been recorded.  The rest are hits – 171. These are unofficial statistics but based on score book summaries, these totals should be close.


P1020027Last Friday night the Peterbilt Cardinals played the Orioles and Cardinals won the game 10-5.  The game went 9 innings in less than 2 hrs- 30 min.  The Orioles left 10 men on base.  The Cards only left 6 on-base.  Clutch hitting by Cardinals was the difference.

The meat of the Cardinals batting order pounded out 10 of their 12 hits. Michael Hudson went 3 for 4. James Skinner was also 3 for 4.  Otis Edwards and Oscar Zamudio each had 2 hits. Jodie Wolfe, Carlos Cabrera and Ramon Moreta each had 2 hits for the Orioles.

Until the 9th inning, the score was 6-5 in favor of the Cards.  But when Jodie Wolfe finally ran out of gas, he was hoping Nick Harris would save the day.  But the Cards bats exploded against Nick, who the Sunday before, had held the Cardinals to 3 runs over 9 innings.  But that’s Baseball!

After the game everyone enjoyed a special treat of Pizza and Tamales from Lost Pizza (HDL Sponsor).


P1020063On Sunday, the CDS Athletics were tasked to play a double header. Their first game was against the Dodgers with Andrew Waddell pitching for the Dodgers.  The A’s started Kevin Latham since Wes Hill had a sore arm.

The A’s batted 10 players and Dodgers batted 11. The Dodgers out hit the A’s 13 to 7.  The Dodgers gave Waddell an early 4-0 lead as the Dodgers had 4 hits in 1st inning and added 3 more in the 2nd inning when the A’s committed back-to-back errors before Greg Bacchus smashed a 2 RBI double.

P1020053The A’s lone run came in the 6th inning off relief pitcher, Tony LomaxMike Morris had and RBI single to score Jeff Allen. Patrick Belote made his 2015 pitching debut to finish the last inning for the Dodgers. And Terry Terrell pitched a scoreless 7th inning for the A’s.P1020038


The second game of the DH was CDS A’s verses the Lost Pizza Orioles. Once again the Orioles had to play with only 9 players when they were without Nick Harris, Jake Hatchett and Carlos Cabrera. Later during the game, Tim Harris had to leave the game for a personal emergency and Will McPherson developed a pulled leg muscle and had to sit out the last inning.

P1020067Meanwhile, the CDS A’s sent Juan-Jose Castillo to the mound for his first start of the season. Juan was outstanding only giving up 8 runs on 9 hits to go with 3 K’s and 3 walks.  The A’s defense only committed 2 errors.  Due to the heat and depleted Orioles roster, the game was called in the bottom of the 6th inning when the Orioles could not get 3 quick outs to force a 7th inning. The Orioles were definitely making a bid for a rally after scoring 5 runs in top of the 6th inning to make the final score 11-8.P1020069



Friday:  A’s vs Orioles – 7:00 PM

Sunday:  Dodgers vs Orioles – 9:00 AM

Sunday: Dodgers vs Cardinals – 11:35 AM

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