HDL Game Schedule Confusion – Excuses/Alibi’s/ Truth & Consequences

This weekend the HDL returns from an “off” week following the July 4th Holiday.  During this same period, I (Larry Rutledge) was in New York taking part (as an umpire) in the annual Cooperstown Dream Park Baseball Experience for players 12 and under.

Before and after this event, I was distracted from what was going on in the HDL the weekend I left and after I returned.  While i was away I asked players to send me messages on what happened in the games.  The only note or information I received was a photo of the scoreboard sent by Johnny Houghton that came to me on Facebook.

Like a lot of people/players, when you leave your regular routine for as long as a week, you are unaware what happened while you were gone. My Side Job at CBU was backed up and as soon as I returned I was covered up in rush requests for services from my customers.  The HDL was not on my mind.

Then on Wednesday afternoon I get a call from Robert Miller telling me the Cardinals would not have enough players to have a decent game against the Dodgers.  He had heard from some of the Dodgers and they too were going to be ‘short’ if they played on Friday night.  This is the moment I became even more confused. So I checked the Blog and the Side Panel listing “Next HDL Games” had Orioles vs A’s playing at 9:00 AM on Sunday.

So then I did some more research to see what other supporting postings needed to be factored into a solution that would allow the HDL to play baseball this weekend.  A schedule was on the Blog that listed the 9:00 AM game on Sunday being Cardinals vs Dodgers and A’s and Orioles playing Friday night.  On Wednesday, June 24th, two days before I left for New York, I sent an email to all officers and team representatives about critical need to rework the HDL schedule to eliminate “scheduled” Friday night games due to continuing low turn-out for these games. Feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of making a schedule change.  The timing of making this change official and my travel plans was tight.  This is where I made a calculated decision to hold off on additional communication until I returned to Memphis on July 3rd.

When I went to New york I brought my PC Tablet so I could hopefully write some articles for the Blog. Good intentions, however, I was shocked at how deficient the WiFi was at the complex where I was staying.  Whenever I logged into the WiFi, it would stay connected about 2 minutes before it required re-booting and new Login steps.  So that idea turned futile.

Bottom-line, additional communication to help resolve the game schedule conflict was postponed until today when the Blog was updated. With every action, there is always a reaction.  This is so true in the HDL.  Players were making plans based on posted documents that had other posted contradictions.  And no one challenged the errors until today when corrective action was announced.

Moving all games to Sunday’s is our goal with Friday’s being a “make-up” option. The initial schedule posted had Cardinals & Dodgers playing at 9:00.  When Orioles found out about the change, several players notified the officers and managers that several key players would be unable to make an 11:30 game but could work out a compromise if the A’sOrioles played at 9:00 AM on Sunday.  The Cardinals and Dodgers were informed their game would need to switch to 11:30 AM.  So that is where we stand.

My apologies for all this confusion. With all the technology at our disposal,  if players turn-off their devices or do not setup automated notices when changes to websites are updated, then there will be gaps in the flow of information.  At bottom of this Post there is a COMMENT box that allows anyone to make a comment.  Very seldom is this option utilized.  The HDL is on Facebook and for those who prefer Facebook, that is another option.  Email and text messages are another source to ask questions or request responses. But all of these social communication tools are not 100% effective.

SUNDAY Schedule: 

9:00 AM – A’s vs Orioles 

11:30 AM – Cardinals vs Dodgers

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