Players Give their ALL!

The difference between the early game and late game last Sunday was probably 8 to 10 degrees. But the Heat Index difference was likely a Plus 18 to 20 degrees. I tried to watch the Local news weather report to find out exactly what we experienced Sunday. I know it was hot – I played entire 9 innings.

But what really matters is a majority of HDL members showed up to be a part of the greatness of playing a baseball game.  The temperature didn’t matter. For those players who did not make it on Sunday, I have to believe they had a different conflict that kept them from being at Tobey Park. For those who did participate they were blessed to be a part of two excellent Adult baseball games.

Lomax Dodgers 5 – Peterbilt Cardinals 3

Game one was Peterbilt Cardinals hosting the Lomax Dodgers. For 2 games in a row, with Andrew Waddell taking some time-off from pitching while his arm heals, Travis Hill was forced to do the pitching for the Dodgers. The Cardinals called on Kevin High to start the game.  In Kevin’s previous game he pitched well enough to get the win for the Cards. So Card’s Mgr, Robert Miller, felt confident that Kevin would continue his good production.

[NOTE: Late last night I entered several paragraphs about last weeks game.  I was tired and “Saved” what I had added. I came back today to finish the Post and discovered that all of the recap that I had added was “Not Saved”. So now I must start over.]

Since my recent update was destroyed, I find it hard to reconstruct the details I added last night. From what I remember, the DodgerCards was a tight game. Travis Hill pitched well and his defense was sharp. Both teams scored a run in 1st inning. Kevin High, Cards pitcher, faced 7 Dodgers in 1st but only gave up one run. Travis Hill faced 4 batters, but Cards lead-off batter, Paul Baioni, walked, stole a base and scored on Otis Edwards infield out.

P1020625After that 1st inning, Travis Hill was in control until the 4th inning when his defense made an error that allowed Cards to tie the game at 3-3.  Kevin High‘s double to left center was the big hit.  But one inning later, Dodgers facing Cesar Roman,  reclaimed the lead when Belote walked for 2nd time in game, stole 2nd, and scored on Waddell’s double.  The Cardinals had several opportunities to score some more runs but Hill’s pitching did the rest to preserve the Dodger’s 9th win of year.P1020634

Lost Pizza Orioles 2 – CDS A’s 2 (TIE)

At start of 2nd game, the noon sun was starting to heat up. Every inning the goal was to get off the field and into the shade. The A’s only had one inning where they kept the Orioles defense on the field for seven batters. The A’s, behind the solid pitching of Kevin Latham and Juan Castillo never allowed more than 5 batters to come to the plate in any inning.

Kevin Latham

Kevin Latham

When a team limits the number of opponent batters to come to plate in an inning, the score will be low or someone better be hitting “dingers” if they want to score some runs.  In the Wood Bat era, that rarely happens. Neither team scored in first 2 innings. Jake Hatchett was Orioles pitcher since Bo McMinn had the day off to attend his twins Birthday party.

Larry Hunsucker Leads Off

Larry Hunsucker Leads Off

In top of 3rd inning, Larry Rutledge walked and went to 3rd base on Will McPherson’s double in the right-center gap. Rutledge scored on a Latham wild pitch for the early Orioles lead.  The Athletics answered the Orioles in bottom of the 3rd when Mike Morris singled and scored on Cory Morgan’s 2 out RBI single. Jose Ortiz then drove in Cory with an RBI single.

Game score was 2-1 in A’s favor for next 4 innings, each team pitcher and defense was shutting down the other team and it appeared the score would end 2-1.  But in top of 7th inning, the Orioles rallied when Cesar Cabrerra doubled on a well hit ball toward right field fence that looked like it had a chance of leaving the park. Cabrerra scored on Will McPherson’s infield single.  What was amazing about McPherson’s at bat is the fact that 2 innings before, Will was lying in center-field with his right shoulder dislocated after making a clutch catch of Juan Castillo’s line drive. After re-locating his shoulder joint, Will felt OK to continue.  Will said, “This is not first time this has happened.” So when Will McPherson faced Juan Castillo in top of 8th inning he fouled off several Castillo pitches to work the count to 3-2 before putting the ball in play and beating out the throw to first.

Now the game was “tied” and time had run-out. So by league rule, teams are allowed one additional inning to try to un-tie the score. Neither team scored so everyone agreed, ending in a tie with everyone exhausted from the heat, was the right decision.  Now the HDL has 3 teams with a tie on their overall record.(Cards, A’s(2), Orioles)P1020649

Sunday Games: (August 16)

9:00 AM – DodgersAthletics

11:30 AM – OriolesCardinals

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