Friday Night Game – Dodgers vs Cardinals.

A rare Friday Night game was scheduled to allow the Orioles and A’s to play a Double Header on Sunday.  This was a game that probably should have been postponed after learning that James Skinner, Pitcher for Cardinals, lost his Grandfather either Thursday or Friday.  James had to go to Nashville to be with his family.  We all send our condolences to the Skinner Family on the loss of their Grandfather.

Several other players for both Dodgers and Cardinals missed the game for various other reasons and that likely had an effect on the level of play that was usually expected when the top two teams with best record face off.

Lomax facing Gonzalez

Lomax facing Gonzalez

The Dodgers were Home team and decided to let Tony Lomax pitch.  Tony has pitched before but with Waddell and Travis Hill getting a majority of the pitching, Tony has had little opportunity.  Tony was just trying to throw the ball around the strikezone and let his solid defense make plays.  Meanwhile, the Cardinals started David Neely who also has had little opportunity to pitch.  This lack of game time for both pitchers was bound to make the game interesting. Lomax gave up a run in the first inning, 2nd inning and 5th inning and that was all the Cardinals would get for the game.  Lomax worked out of every “jam” that Cardinals could create. Tony’s Linescore was: 3 Runs on 5 Hits, 6 K’s and 5 Walks. Pretty Darn Good!

The Cardinals had pitching troubles in every inning as they made 6 Pitching changes in the first 4 innings.  Kevin High relieved Neely in first inning after allowing 6 runs to the Dodgers. Otis Edwards relieved High in the 3rd inning.  After Otis struggled, Carlos Varela was given a chance. Carlos struggled and was relieved by Oscar Zamudio. After Oscar gave up 3 BB’s, Paul Baioni changed from Catcher to Pitcher and finished the game with best results of his teammates. By the time Baioni took over, the score was 21-2 in favor of Dodgers.  The Cardinals for the game gave up 16 Walks & 2 HBP and gave up 14 basehits to the Dodgers. Add in 4 errors and a total of 36 Dodger base runners was a nightmare for the Cardinals.  Everyone was ready for this game to get over so they could forget about it.



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