2015 HAS BECOME THE YEAR OF THE “TIE”. After teams playing 14 or 15 games, every team had been involved in a Tie Game.  If your team is playing the CDS Athletics, you can lay even money that there is a 28% chance that it could end in a Tie.  A’s have tied Cardinals and Dodgers once each and after today, has tied the Orioles twice.  If we were playing single games, with plenty of roster-ed players, we would probably play all Ties off.  But with lack of depth, especially pitching, we have had to accept the Tie to keep from players getting hurt.  Our rule has been to allow one extra inning after time limit expires.



Today’s game between Orioles and A’s was going so quickly that when we reached the 7th inning, we had played less than 2 hours.  Both A’s and Orioles had excellent pitchers with Kevin Latham (A’s) and Jodie Wolfe (O’s) facing each other.Eight times during the game, these pitchers had 3 Up – 3 Down (half) innings.


The A’s scored early with one run in 1st and one run in 2nd.  The Orioles got on the board in the bottom of the 4th inning and tied the game in bottom of the 7th.  It was in the 7th inning that the Orioles had their best opportunity to win the game.

After Jodie Wolfe tripled, Larry Rutledge walked and stole 2nd. Jocko knocked in Jodie and Rutledge moved to 3rd.  This brought Jerry Tatum to the plate.  Tatum’s base hit through the right side of the infield looked like a “game winner” but Rutledge thinking he had a cake walk to the plate was thrown out on a bang-bang play at the plate thanks to the accurate and deadly throw from new player, Alex Vivas.

The entire Orioles team was shocked that they had 2 outs and still needed to try to find a way to win the game. Even with that disappointment, the Orioles continued to shut down the A’s the next inning and loaded the bases with one out in bottom of the 8th inning. But Kevin Latham was tough as nails getting Jake Hatchett to strikeout and Jockomo to ground out 4-3. With a 2nd game to play, the Tie ended the game.Tie

Game 2:  Could Have Been another “TIE”

As tight as the first game was, this game was an endurance test for a bunch of tired, and injured players who were struggling to make routine plays.

Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

The A’s gave the Ball to Jose Ortiz and Orioles felt good with Jake Hatchett pitching for the O’s. Also, each team had players who had to leave early which meant each team had only one extra player, and some of each team had sore legs and arms. The offense for both teams was excellent as the A’s had 14 Hits and Orioles had 12.

The A’s took control of the game in top of 3rd inning as they sent 13 batters to the plate as they scored 7 runs on 6 hits.  The A’s hits were not cheap either.  I am talking line drives and shots through the infield.

Going into the 6th inning the score was 10-9.  But each team traded runs in the 6th & 7th innings to make the final score 12-11.

Hunsucker Scores

Hunsucker Scores

In bottom of the 7th inning, Larry Hunsucker singled, moved to 2nd on wild pitch and moved to 3rd on Cesar Cabrera’s ground out 4-3. Ramon Moreta knocked in Hunsucker with a ground out 4-3.

Alex Vivas

Alex Vivas

With 2 outs, relief pitcher, Alex Vivas walked McPhail, Wolfe and Jake Hatchett to load the bases.  With the tying run 90 feet away, Carlos Cabrera who had a “career” day was at the plate going 5 for 8 in both games.  Carlos worked the count and finally hit a “bomb” that was high and deep to left field but A’s Salvadore Pena moved quickly under the ball for the 3rd out.

Game Over.  A’s win 12-11.slgfest



A’s Hit Leaders (For Dbl Hdr): Jose Ortiz (4 for 7); Terry Terrell (3 for 7); Cory Morgan (3 for 6); Carlos Canelo (3 for 7) 

Orioles Hit Leaders: Carlos Cabrera (5 for 8); Jody Wolfe (4 for 7); Cesar Cabrera & Jake Hatchett (2 for 3)

Next week:  (Aug. 30, 2015)

Sunday: 9:00 Orioles vs Dodgers,

11:30 AM – A’s vs Cardinals

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