HDL All Star Game – September 6, 2015

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Several weeks ago Carlos Varela and I (LR) started discussing possibility of holding an All-Star game to promote friendly competition and appreciation for the game of Baseball.  Since 2014, the HDL roster of Latino/Latin America players has grown to around 25% of our membership.

Without these passionate players, the HDL would likely be only a 3 team league.  For anyone who has opened your friendship to these new players you have quickly realized we are all the same.  The only difference is in verbal communication, not from the Latino players, but any non-Latino player who has never been exposed to learning fluent Spanish as a second language. The point I am trying to make is when we take the field and play baseball, we all understand the game and language differences are ignored.

Carlos Varela, being from Venezuela, explained that every year in Venezuela their MLB Off-Season Leagues have an All-Star game to show appreciation for the US born players who come down to Venezuela to play baseball in Venezuela. So Carlos was proposing the HDL do something similar, at our amateur level, to experiment with something that could become something very special. (Time will tell).

Currently Carlos Varela has 17 Latino Baseball Players committed to participate in the All-Star game.  Therefore we need at least 15-20 US Born HDL Baseball players to commit to play in this game representing the HDL.  I have had some players tell me to count them “IN”.  On Sunday, August 30th, I will circulate a “Sign-Up” sheet to see how many players we can plan to participate.

This event is planned as a “FUN” game.  Yes, I expect to hear someone start a chant – “U-S-A”.  If it does, I expect chills to run up my spine.  But the game will be played in a FRIENDLY atmosphere.  Bantoring will be “expected” to maintain a friendly tone.  Trash-talk will be frowned upon. I am not expecting that to occur because of the progress the HDL has had during the 2015 season.  There has been, NO – ZERO – Zilch, verbal or physical confrontations in the HDL this season.  My hats off to everyone for maintaining the tradition of the HDL – “I SHALL TREAT ALL PLAYERS, MANAGERS AND UMPIRES WITH COURTESY AND RESPECT, AND I SHALL EXPECT THE SAME TREATMENT TO MYSELF.

Let’s make this event happen.With the Home Run Derby, the Game should be a lot of fun.



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