The Inaugural HDL Home Run Derby will be held Sunday, September 6, 2015 at Tobey Park starting at 9:30 AM. All Participants must notify either Larry Rutledge or Carlos Varela of intentions to participate so your spot can be reserved. 

All participants have until 10:30 AM, Sept. 6th to declare their participation.  Participation in this event is “Open” to anyone.  Current and Former HDL members receive “free” entry.  Non-HDL members must pay $5.00 to enter the contest. HDL Batting Cage will be available, before, and, during the contest – First Come – First Serve.


  1. HDL Home Run Derby will have NO BAT RESTRICTION.  Metal Bats are allowed.  However, Home Runs hit with a Wood Bat (non-composite) will count as 2 HR’s.

  2. Each participant has 15 “Outs” to hit as many home runs as possible. An “out” is defined as any swing that is not a home run.

  3. All Participants who have 3 or more HR’s in Qualifying round will advance to Finalist Swing-Off round. Batting Order will be determined by names drawn from a hat.  If no batter hits 3 or more Home Runs, Batter with most Home Runs will be declared Winner and Finalist Round will be cancelled.

  4. Qualifying Finalist round batters will each have nine (9) swings to determine HR Derby King.

  5. Should a tie exist between players at the end of first finalist round, round 2 players who are tied receive seven (7) more swings; if still tied, a five-swing swing-off, and if still tied again sudden-death swings until one player homers.

Each batter may select his own pitcher, who is presumably friendly to the hitter’s efforts. If batter has no preference, HDL volunteer pitchers will be provided. HDL will provide baseballs.  Baseballs will be best balls available. No guarantee balls will be perfect.

If two or more batters finish in a “Swing-off”, all finalist will receive a prize, and/or trophy.  Pitcher who yields the most Home Runs will also receive a special Prize.

If any questions, please contact Larry Rutledge or Carlos Varela for assistance.

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