HDL All-Star Game Recap

Today’s special day at Tobey was a celebration of Baseball. Those who participated came out because they love playing Baseball. On a day where lots of people across this great country were spending time with their families and taking advantage of the last holiday until Thanksgiving.

The day started off with a formatted Home Run Hitting Contest allowing use of metal bats. A total of 16 players tried their best to knock the cover off of a baseball.  In the end only 3 of the 16 who tried were able to launch a ball off their bat and see it sail over the outfield fence of Tobey park.

After the first round, Juan-Jose Castillo,

Juan-Jose Castillo - HR King

Juan-Jose Castillo – HR King

Jose Ortiz P1020863and Patrick Belote P1020860were the only sluggers who were successful as one Home Run helped them advance to the play-off round where each finalist was allowed seven additional outs to try to capture the Title.

After Juan Jose Castillo hit 2 over the fence in his first 3 pitches, Ortiz and Belote knew their challenge would be tough.  And when Juan-Jose hit another HR to give him a total of 3, the crown was his as Ortiz & Belote could only hit some balls “to” the fence and not “over”. All-in-all it was a fun event that should be repeated in the future.

P1020872The All-Star game matched the best HDL Latino player against the best HDL American players who showed up to take part in this special challenge.  Had the All Star game been played earlier in the day, it is likely the outcome might have been different as Travis Hill and PW Burnett could not stay past the 4th & 5th innings.For all the players who participated, they played like they were an all-star because they gave their best effort for their team.

The Latino Team was made up of: Cesar Roman, Carlos Medina, Juan Castillo, Cesar Cabrera, Jose Ortiz, Oscar Zamudio, Jhonny Gozalez, Carlos Cabrera, Ramon Moreta, Carlos Varela and Ahlberto.

The American HDL team members were Travis Hill, Bo McMinn, Nick Harris, PW Burnett, Jake Hatchett, Otis Edwards, Tim Wallenstrom, Drew Russell and Jerry Tatum with defensive help from Robert Miller and Larry Rutledge.

Bo McMinn started on the mound for HDL-A team and made it thru the first inning with the help of a 1-6-3 DP to work out of a bases loaded jam. Then in bottom of the 1st inning, the HDL-A team took an early 1-0 lead on a clutch basehit by PW Burnett.

But in top of 2nd, Bo looked like he was out of the inning when Ramon Moreta P1020869bounced a grounder directly at Tim Wallenstrom filling in at 2nd base. The bouncing ball glanced Wallenstrom’s glove that allowed 2 runs to score after there were 2 outs.

The score stayed 2-1 in favor af HDL-L team until the 6th inning. The 3rd thru 5th innings was dominated by excellent pitching as PW Burnett and Juan-Jose Castillo were tough to get base runners. In 3 innings of work, PW Burnett had 5 K’s .  For the game, Juan-Jose had 6 K’s and scattered 5 hits . Juan-Jose gave up one additional run to the HDL-A team in bottom of the 6th when Jake Hatchett doubled and scored on Otis Edward’s RBI double.

The final score was 5-2.  We had wanted to make this a 9 inning game but thin team roster for HDL-A squad had run out of options.  Everyone agreed that 7 innings made this a complete game. Again congratulations to all the players who made this a respectable game. P1020887

I have to believe the HDL American players would love to do this again next year on a date and time when other excellent All-Star players could match the solid line-up of the HDL Latino-American players.


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