Work In-Progress

For all you literary lovers of this Blog, I am working as well, or as fast, as I can to provide a pre-play-off special addition Blog.  But this week has been uncooperative:


I had an early AM meeting with one of my insurers.  Before I returned to midtown, I made several shopping stops for a few necessities.  Before I knew it, it was almost 3:00 PM. Then Monday night i had to go watch my grandson play baseball because I will be at the Memphis Tigers Football game on Thursday when he is trying out for his school’s basketball team. (Gonna have to miss-it.)


I worked almost all day at Tobey along with Johnny White and Kevin high, removing or mulching the left-over grass cuttings that were covering the outfield last weekend. After I finished officiating a Middle School Girls Volleyball match at Harding Academy, I came home, ate supper, then went to Tobey for additional dead grass clean’up around the Tobey infield and back-stop areas. For over 2 hours i let the sprinkler spray water in several spots in the outfield.


I actually spent about 30-40 minutes creating a draft of the special article that I am working on.  I think it will be fun to read when I am able to finish it. After heading back down to Tobey to do some grass removal where I mowed late on Tuesday, I re-distributed the large water sprinkler in 3 different spots.  Almost 80% or entire left field area has received water. As afternoon slipped away, I had to head home to cleanup and go work another Tri-Volleyball match at SFA in Cordova.  While I was preparing for the 3rd match, the school administer informed me that St Francis and St Benedict were under “Lock-Down” due to Police action that was occurring in front of the school and several suspects were running rampantly near the school property.  For precautionary reasons, they locked all students and visitors inside school buildings.  I was a little concerned that I would not be able to get back home any time soon.  Fortunately the Police caught the suspects and the School re-opened the exits.

Each night, if the Cardinals are playing. my main distraction is keeping up with the Cardinal Game.  So you can see, sitting down to the Computer to create a Blog Post is not as easy as some might think.  Try it sometimes.  You’ll get my point.

But trust me folks, before the weekend, your HDL Blog reading fix will magically appear.  Thanks for reading this ramble. Going to bed now.  Got get up early to get some things done before it is time to head to Tiger Lane and enjoy the unusually excited University of Memphis Football Fans.  I hope the “Fans” come out with their “A-Game” tomorrow night.

Go Tigers!!

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