It’s TIME! (Almost)

Since middle of November I have once again allowed the Blog to rest for the winter. 

I often feel there has to be some baseball related story I could tell our avid readers. But each time I turn on my computer and open my browser to the blog site, I am reminded that HDL players are a lot like me.  We don’t get fired up about the game until the weather is “baseball friendly.” And with so much other off-season events taking place, forcing anyone to read some non-essential baseball story just didn’t seem appropriate.

Trust me, I have been actively involved with baseball.  Since middle of January I have been attending weekly umpire clinics where I get to hear discussions on all the rules of the game that we need to be current on.  I also get to see other HDL umpires and umpires who ask me about when will the HDL be starting up? I have already umpired 3 College baseball games for Lemoyne-Owen College and have 5 or 6 more scheduled games before HDL gets started.  

Since October I visit Tobey 3-4 times a week to check to see if any unauthorized people have jumped the fence or messed with HDL property.  So far, no serious issues.

Tobey winter Rye grass on the infield is looking fantastic. I have actually had to cut the grass once and I think Bo has cut it once.  Our biggest issue right now is removing unwanted grass clumps on the infield dirt.  This past weekend, Bo and Patrick tried out a new wood-frame Nail Drag that Patrick made to scratch the surface and loosen up the grass.  We know it will take a few more treatments of dragging along with some aggressive weed eating and a little weed/grass herbicide to get this problem under control.  Oh yeah, last Friday I spent the entire day removing wind-blown leaves along the first base fence and around the batting cage.  The park is starting to look “ready”.

Now that it is middle of February, the countdown for the up-coming season can begin. Only 20 days until March 6th.  March 6th is the planned first day to open up Tobey Park for preseason practices, and to start the new season roster formation process.  So I guess this is a good time to remind everyone that if you have talked to any new players last season about joining the HDL, these new players need to express their interest by coming out to Tobey when the preseason starts.

Typical Preseason

Typical Preseason

During the next 3 weeks the HDL Officers will be holding organizational meetings to review all the details it takes to start the new season.

We will discuss: 

  • Rules (changes, corrections, additions)

  • Dues

  • Uniforms

  • Sponsors

  • Team draft procedures

  • Wood bats to continue 

  • Tobey field improvements

  • Game-Changer scoring and faster stats


So until the next baseball “hot topic”, I will let this be your pre-season teaser for a while.  As always, I appreciate your ideas, thoughts and concerns to be sent to me or other HDL officers to help us generate a topic that other HDL members might also enjoy. 


Stay in touch. Think about staying or getting in shape or becoming more active (physically) to make yourself a better athlete and therefore a better baseball player. 



Larry Rutledge, HDL President

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