Four Teams – Lots of Players?

Average of 18 players drafted per team.

But don’t let that intimidate you. Until players make their dues payment, that number could shrink real fast.  This is the first year the HDL has had to increase dues to $150. ($15 increase) With several players from last year struggling to pay the required fee, the officers are confident some players will have same financial difficulties they had last year.  Only difference this year is the HDL has an abundance of players so getting 12-15 players to pay their full dues should not be a problem.

Another point to make about the size of team rosters is several players have a history of missing over 30% of their team’s scheduled games.  Several players have already stated they can only make about half of games scheduled.  So don’t let the numbers influence your playing decision.  Several veterans are flexible when it comes to game participation and welcome swapping out during a game with another player.

The HDL officers want to hear your concerns.  The officers will support equal opportunity for all dues paying members.  If you study the team rosters you will see there is some definite opportunities for any player who can demonstrate their ability to play Catcher.  Catcher position is one position where several teams are thin.  Likewise, players who think they can pitch, need to work on their control and ability to consistently throw strikes.

Once Team Managers are determined, players should let their manager know what opportunities you would like to be given a chance to show your strength.  Since the first week in March, the HDL has held multiple practices to allow all HDL players a chance to workout and practice their baseball fundamentals.  Therefore, when we play games this Sunday, these games will count in the statistics for the 2016 season. I agree the teams will be experimenting with lineups and rotating different players into the game to get an idea how new players will be able to perform.  But every team has the same challenges so there is no advantage for any team.  The HDL is a long season. We will start our weekly game schedules this Sunday and we will continue to play baseball until early November.  If you don’t know it already, you will soon realize, the HDL is for Baseball Lovers.

Uniform Reminder: 

Some players on each team were lucky to keep their same shirt color.  But for players who find themselves on a team with a different shirt color, we are asking all last year players to bring their shirt to Tobey so we can swap shirts to match everyone with their new team colors.  The league plans to purchase enough additional new shirts for some of the new players.  We also plan to make a few additional shirt orders to correct some of the shirt sizes from last year that were too big.  We will be ordering some new sizes that will fit a little tighter.


Any player bringing a check to pay their dues, please make the check out to either:  “HDL” or “Hernando DeSoto League”

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