Game conditions could not be better. Mid 70’s at start of first game and mid 80’s during the afternoon. Lots of sunshine through the day. Quite a few family fans of their favorite players came out to enjoy the HDL brand of baseball.  Game one was all PW Burnett today.  Everything he has been working on to get this season where he hoped it would be was at the park today.

PW‘s box score was:  28 batters faced in 7 innings. One run allowed on only 3 hits, No Walks, 16 Strikeouts, 1 Hit Batter. Only 3 A’s batters faced PW without striking out (Jose Ortiz, Nick Harris and Greg Bacchus, also the only A’s with a hit each).

But PW will agree, he could not have accomplished the victory without his supporting cast, most of all, Mike Morris who called the pitches and put the mitt where it needed to be. The 3 errors the Cardinals committed were probably due to lack of activity.  When your pitcher strikes out the sides in 3 out of 7 innings, in those innings, except for Mike Morris, the rest of the team could have stayed in the dugout.

The Athletics pitchers were trying their best to keep the game close because Starting Pitcher, Juan Castillo and Reliever, Nick Harris, had almost as many K’s as PW. (10 for Castillo & 4 for Harris). But the biggest difference was wildness that can sometimes come with hard throwers.  The ball doesn’t always find the strikezone. But when the A’s pitchers did find the plate, Cardinals hitters were ready.  In first inning nine Cardinal batters came to plate.  With timely hits, the Cards scored 4 runs to take a commanding lead.


For the next 3 innings, Castillo settled down and held the Cards to zero runs. Going into top of 5th inning, the score was 4-1 and the A’s were still in the game. But an unexpected inside-the-park-HR by Steve Eordogh that eluded the diving Tim Wallenstrom on a 0-3 fastball gave the Cards a 6-1 cushion on a pitch that Steve said was in the middle of the plate that yelled, “Hit Me”.


But Cardinals were not through. The next 5 batters all had base-hits and Juan knew it was time to let Nick see if he could stop the Cardinals bats.  Nick was looking good after first two batters he faced made outs and all he had to do was get Ray Rienhart to end the inning.  But Ray surprised everyone by slapping a fastball between SS & 3rd to beat out an infield hit. Two more runs scored on bases loaded walks.  Very uncharacteristic inning for Nick.

Cardinal Hits:  PW Burnett (3/3); Cory Morgan (2/3) ; Carlos Canelo (2/4); Kurt Adkison (2/4); Mike Morris (2/4).

Game Two: Dodgers 7 – Orioles 2

P1010156This was almost same type game between Orioles and Dodgers. This game belonged to Travis Hill. Travis might not have had many K’s but his outing was just as impressive as PW‘s (outing).  Travis only allowed 1 Run on 2 hits.  Solid defensive support helped the Dodgers prevent any big innings for the Orioles.

Meanwhile, Orioles pitcher, Bo McMinn was testing his arm soreness from 2 weeks ago but he said he felt fine, or at least, good enough to pitch.  But for any team in the HDL, the Dodgers are a tough line-up to face, Lead-off hitter, Patrick Belote sets the table for the sticks behind him. Brett Delk had a great day gong 2 for 3 and knocking in 2 runs with 2 doubles. Kevin Latham also contributed 2 key hits. But the biggest hit of the day off of Bo was a 2 run Homerun by outfielder, Carlos Cabrera.  This was Carlos’s first ever Homerun and he was as surprised as anyone when hit it. P1010165P1010166  P1010168

Dodgers Top Hitters: Patrick Belote (2/3; 3 runs); Brett Delk (2/3); Kevin latham (2/3); Carlos Cabrera (1/3; 2 RBI’s)  Dodgers Pitchers:  Travis Hill (5 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 4 K’s); Brett Delk (1 IP, 2H, 1 R, 1 K)

Orioles Pitching:  Bo McMinn (4 IP, 7 R, 6 ER, 10H, 4 K’s, 1 BB); Casey Engan (2 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 BB, 2 K’s)P1010192

Next Sunday(May 1) – 9:00 Orioles vs Cardinals; 11:45 AM – Dodgers vs Athletics


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