The HDL has a challenge that we have not seen since the league expanded to 4 teams almost 20 years ago.  We have 66-67 players assigned to 4 teams.  Most team Managers have to try to find playing time for 16 players for a batting lineup that realistically works best for 11-12 players.  That means 4-5 players per team are likely to play less than 1/2 of a game.

This situation might be alright for a few players but will not sit well for the avid baseball player who thrives on the thrill of the full baseball experience. Your HDL Officers have listened to players comments and we have not ignored these comments.

“Patience” has been our approach to this lingering problem because we have been lenient to allow both veteran and new players a fair “grace” period to pay their dues. The penalty for those players who fail to meet financial obligations will be to restrict these players from playing in the HDL this season.

As of May 10, 2016, 46 players have paid a major portion of their dues.  Many of remaining unpaid players (21) have “Promised” to bring their dues on Sunday, May 15th.  If less than 1/2 of these players bring their dues payments, we will be forced to make a decision to stay at 4 teams.  If more than 10 players bring their dues, then the only way we can satisfy players playing time is to create and add a 5th Team.

With the possibility of adding a 5th in mind, the HDL officers would like to ask all HDL team players:



This possible solution will add playing time for everyone in the whole league.  We can not consider this possible solution without players “buy-in.”  Team managers of all current 4 teams have been consulted about this proposal and agree to support  your decision.

If players who want to compose the 5th team causes gaps or holes in an existing team’s lineup, the HDL Officers and team managers will cooperate to balance any changes that will achieve our ultimate goal:

“To make the HDL good for everyone.

Cast your vote:

Send Text to (901)827-6830, or,

Send email to:  lrutledge2@bellsouth.net, or,

Send Facebook message to: Hernando DeSoto, or,

Post a “Comment” on this Blog Post

We want to implement this proposal as soon as possible, so don’t delay, please respond today or no later than Thursday, May 12th.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Larry Rutledge, HDL President


1 Comment

Every organization has “growing pains”. If they are willing to do the things to grow.
I see this as an excellent opportunity to test what our league stands for. We can not let the competiveness over shadow why we are really participating in the HDL.
Let’s move to 5 teams ASAP and continue to participate. We can work the rosters here and there to find the balance we need. I am sure of it. I have faith in all the officers, coaches and sponsors to make it happen.

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