First Friday Night of 2016

Lomax Dodgers 13 – V-Brothers A’s – 1

The HDL loves Friday night games but in past couple of years, depending on team match-ups, attendance was not always that great.  I guess since the HDL was rained out five days earlier on May 1st, players were anxious to use Friday night as an excuse to kick-off Mother’s Day weekend a little early since the HDL takes Mother’s Day off on Sunday.

Several players brought out their wives, children and friends to create a party atmosphere. The Dodgers were Visiting Team and had 15 players attend.  The Athletics was Home team.  Manager Carlos Varela thought he was going to be “short” players and asked for volunteers to come to game to make sure the A’s had enough to field a team.

To Carlos’s surprise, several A’s players arrived that he was not expecting. By time game started, the A’s had 12 players and added Rolando Panderas as a rookie try-out. If anyone has not been paying attention, the Lomax Dodgers are off to a great start and were going for their 4th win in a row.  The A’s, meanwhile have been struggling and while that have been close in 2 of 3 previous games, they were not sharp when they faced the Dodgers.

P1010305With Kevin Latham pitching for Dodgers and Juan-Jose Castillo pitching for A’s, for 2 innings, the game was tight. In top of first inning, Patrick Belote singled but was forced out at 2nd on Cesar Cabrera’s ground ball. Cesar eventually scored on Kevin Latham’s single. In bottom of 1st inning, Kevin Latham was hitting spots and retired 3 batters 1-2-3.  In top of 2nd inning Tony Lomax singled, Kris Klinger was HBP.  With one out, Lomax scored when A’s catcher had trouble with some of Juan-Jose’s fastballs in the dirt.

P1010301In bottom of 2nd, Kevin Latham gave up a hit to Otis Edwards but 2nd base was as far as Otis got. At start of 3rd inning the score was 2-0 Dodgers. Still anybody’s game.  In top of 3rd inning the Dodgers first 4 batters all scored to push their lead to 6-0. By the 5th inning, and the lack of run production by the Athletics hitters, Juan-Jose had had enough and took himself out of the game.

P1010319 (2)With a comfortable lead, Dodgers manager, Pat Belote, felt good about making some substitutions in his line-up to let some other players get some playing time.  Two “Sub’s” who came in and made an impact was Johnny Houghton who went 2 for 2 and Sherman Edgerson who K’d his first AB then ripped of 2 consecutive hits to go 2 for 3. P1010297For the remainder of the game, the Dodger’s pitchers were showing why they are some of the best in the HDL.  Kevin Latham was followed by Jake Hatchett who gave up 2 Hits with 3 K’s and “0” walks. To finish the game, The Dodgers let new player, Brandon Anderson find out if he still remembered how to pitch. In one inning of work, Mr. Anderson gave up 1 H, had 1 K and 1 BB.  Not bad for a first outing on the mound in a few years.  Welcome to the HDL, Brandon!

P1010325Even though the Athletics only scored 1 run, they had 2 players with multiple hits:  Catcher Greg Bacchus was 3 for 3 and Otis Edwards was 2 for 3.     P1010328

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