Game Recap Option Added – May 17, 2016

Weekly games can take as long to recap and write a highlight article as it does to play the games. In an effort to move this process along and at the same time facilitate compilation of player stats, I will occasionally use this new format to feed the infatuation of our avid players who want to see their name on the Blog.

Please keep in mind that the score book is the source of these numbers.  How accurate the score book is kept each week will be reflected here.  So if someone sees a discrepancy, please bring it to my attention.  As soon as the dust settles and I can re-enter all team rosters into the Game Changer e-Scoring software, we will have faster game summaries offered by that program.

When we do implement the Game Changer Tablet application, we need players and managers to help us do a better job of making out a pre-game line-up so this application can be “live” when the games start.  Managers have been making their disgust known about players showing up at the last minute causing line-ups to be changed. The first game is obviously the most difficult start time.  I would move the first game start time to 9:15 if I thought it would help but I am afraid a lot of players would just drag in that much later.

Box score - 5.15.160001Box score - 5.15.160002If I find time this week I may edit this article to add details of enhance the content. Your suggestions and preferences will help me prioritize any follow-ups.

Next Sunday Schedule:

9:00 AM – Cardinals vs Orioles

11:40 AM – Athletics vs Tigers


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