Be Cool – Follow an easy protocol to keep you in the Game.

General sportsmanship and decorum is the expectation of all HDL players.  Players should conduct themselves in a manner that exhibits healthy competition.  Disagreements in baseball are imminent and part of the game. There is a line that can never be crossed.  

These boundaries are as follows:

  1. Any physical altercation initiated by a player toward another player and/or umpire is grounds for suspension or expulsion from the League. A warning and/or a fine could result from these actions. Any player who instigates an altercation with incidental physical contact such as pushing, shoving or fighting will be automatically suspended for one game plus a $5.00 Fine.  A player who is involved in a 2nd incident in the same season will be automatically suspended for 3 games and assessed a $10.00 fine.  All Fines in conjunction with a suspension will be required to be paid in full before return to playing status is granted.

  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct perpetrated by a player against another player to include but not limited to:

  3. a)     Sliding into a base “spikes up”,

  4. b)      Unnecessarily blocking a base without possession of the ball,

  5. c)      Or a blatant disregard for any and/or all players on the field including themselves is grounds for ejection from the game and suspension and/or fines.

  6. If a player excessively argues an umpire’s call, the umpire will notify the player’s team manager that a warning is issued for his player’s misconduct.  After an initial warning has been issued, any additional unsportsmanlike conduct persisting toward the umpire may result in player ejection from the game by the umpire.  If a player is ejected and fails to vacate the field of play in a timely manner, the ejected player will receive an automatic 2 game suspension for failure to comply with an umpire, officer or manager request to cooperate. 

  7. Any foul or inappropriate language deemed audible beyond the dugout or playing field is unacceptable.  Violations may incur a warning and/or a fine not to exceed $10. 

  8. THREE STRIKES YOU ARE OUT – Any player who is involved in 3 disruptive incidents in a season will be suspended for the remainder of a season when the 3rd incident occurs. All fees or dues will be forfeited. 

Larry Rutledge

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