As everyone knows, recently we posted a Survey on the HDL Blog asking players their opinions about supporting the post-game tradition of “cooking Out”.

Here are results of Survey:



  1. HOME TEAM SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FOOD –   38.6%    (22 votes)

  1. I LOOK FORWARD TO POST GAME COOKOUTS –           35.09%  (20 votes)

  1. I AM ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO FOOD COST –                22.81%  (13 votes)

  1. Other: – 3.5%  (2 votes)


Total Votes: 57

With an active HDL Roster of 65-70 members, getting a response from 57 people is a strong validation of the results.  We thank you for your participation.


Now we need to work on our coordination on a weekly basis to avoid wasting of food.  Following the preference to allow the scheduled Home Team bring something to cookout should work.  The team managers should be the coordinator to tell a player their contribution is needed or could be too much.  Let me point out, it is not how much someone contributes, a little bit goes a long way.  I suggest only 2-4 players per team bring something each week. If we have a double header, that will mean we could have food to consume/share from 4-8 players.  That is plenty.

Good items to have on menu:

Chicken wings, drummies, legs

Hot Dogs (max 3-4 packs)  (Don’t forget the Buns)

Hamburgers – preferably the pre-patty packs.

Steak or ribs or BBQ is a special treat

Prepared food like Pizza is an easy contribution.  We are fortunate to have Lost Pizza as one of our Sponsors who has provided us a good deal on Pizzas.  So far, 3-4 large Pizzas is about right amount for a good post game item.




You Cook it - We'll Eat It!

You Cook it – We’ll Eat It!

We encourage anyone who has experience in cooking on a charcoal grill to jump-in and do your thing.  Don’t be shy!

Every week the grill needs cleaning and prepping for the afternoon cooking.  This is part of the cooking function.

Discarding used/old charcoal ashes is a little messy.  I suggest using a pair of gloves. Dump coals either into a 55 gal trash barrel or take down near gravel parking area and dump away for cooking area.

Clean the top cooking grills with brush.  Once hot coals are deposited into the fire box chamber, the hot coals will burn-off old drippings and residue.

We welcome your ideas and involvement.  This activity promotes sharing and teamwork.  It gives us an avenue to socialize outside the Dugouts.Johnny White and C. Medina8

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