No Details – Short & Sweet

For all of the players who came out to Tobey to battle the heat as well as their opponent, you may or may not have noticed that I was not there.  I was out of town with family.  As a result, I had very little details about what happened in last week’s games.  What I do know, or was told:

  1. Dodgers and Orioles went 9 innings.

  2. The score was 3-2 going into the last inning when Orioles scored 5 runs to win 8-2

  3. Bo McMinn and Jake Hatchett each went the distance. Bo pitched a 5 Hitter with 6 K’s.

  4. Patrick Belote (Dodgers) went 2 for 3; three other Dodgers had one hit. (Latham, Hatchett, Eldred)

  5. Johnny Gonzalez was 3 for 5 for Orioles. John McPhail  and Carlos Cabrera were 2 for 3 and Bo was 2 for 5 for the Orioles.

Sunday Game Highlights:

  1. PW Burnett had another strong outing for Cardinals going 8 innings allowing 2 runs on 5 hits and 7 K’s.

  2. PW also Homered in the 6th inning.  PW finished game going 2 for 3 with 3 RBI’s.

  3. Bo McMinn, filling in for the Cards, went 2 for 4.

  4. Juan-Jose Castillo had a solid game but against PW, the A’s struggled to score runs.  Juan had 11 K’s for the game.

  5. Due to the extreme heat, the post-game cook-out was limited as lots of players were anxious to find some air-conditioning.

Game Schedule for July 31st:

         9:00AM – Cardinals vs Dodgers (H) => Bring Grill Food

       11:40 AM – Tigers vs Athletics (H)  => Bring Grill Food

Bye:   Lost Pizza Orioles


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