27 DOWN and 12 To Go!

Since we started the 2016 season in March, we have played 27 total games. Starting next Sunday we only have 12 more scheduled games before post-season play-offs begin. With the 5 team format, the play-offs will add another 7-8 games.  Before we created the five team schedule, each team had played three games.

Team Records: through July 31, 2016

Lomax Dodgers         –   (7-2)    (9 Games + 3 games before May 15th)

Lost Pizza Orioles     –   (5-3)   (8 Games + 3 games before May 15th)

x-Peterbilt Cardinals   –   (5-3)   (8 Games + 3 games before May 15th)

 V-Brothers Athletics    –   (3-6)  (9 Games + 3 games before May 15th)

Prudential Tigers          –   (1-7)  (8 Games + 3 games as team members during 4 team format)

During August, families with kids will be starting-up another school year and that should help players who have been on vacation or covering work schedules for co-workers who were taking their vacations. We look forward to team rosters  filled again as we get closer to play-off games. Let’s finish the season strong.

As most of you know, during June and July, our 5 team rosters were tested to the max. During the past 5 weeks, the Orioles, Cardinals and A’s have had to borrow an average of 3 players per game – just to have nine players.  The Dodgers and Tigers have only borrowed an average of 1 player during this part of the season. As you can expect, managers have been frustrated.  Not knowing who will show-up and who will not show up.  So using fill-in/borrowed players has been a blessing. Surprisingly, the games during this time period have been pretty competitive.

FIT to be TIED!

For example, Yesterday, (7/31) the 9:00 game (start time 9:24) between Dodgers and Cardinals was tied at end of regulation time-limit. So, 2016 Tie-breaker rule was utilized. A wild top and bottom of the 7th inning allowed the Dodgers to escape with a one-run win by a score of 15-14. Winning run was scored on a throwing error. The winning pitcher for the Dodgers was Ramon Moretta and the LP was Cory Morgan for the Cardinals. Both of these players do not normally get a chance to pitch in a pressure packed game. But both players did a great job.

P1010505The Dodgers were home team and were playing without: Jake Hatchett, Brandon Anderson, Patrick Belote and Bret Delk. With limited options, Kevin Latham was the obvious starting pitcher. The Cardinals were missing PW Burnett, Kevin Nilsen and Andrew Waddell (DL).  Cardinals manager, Robert Miller, had limited choices as well for pitching so he sent veteran Larry Rutledge to the mound in hopes Rutledge could get the game into the 3rd or 4th inning before thrusting new player, Bill Gill, into his first live game in several years.

Bill Gill happened to drop by Tobey Park on Saturday (7/30) morning while Larry Rutledge was sweeping puddles of water off the Tobey infield dirt areas. When Bill introduced himself and mentioned he was a”pitcher”, Rutledge’s ears stood at “Attention.”  As most players know, the HDL has a few thin spots where some arms are needed. Since Andrew Waddell went on the disable list early in the season, the Cardinals has had to depend on “Ace”, PW Burnett.  So allowing Bill Gill to make his debut with the Cards was inevitable.

The Cardinals quickly put 3 early runs on the scoreboard in top of the first inning on a clutch double by Steve Eordogh. P1010508But after Rutledge failed to find a groove with the strike zone, by end on first inning, the Dodgers had re-took the lead 4-3.  However, the Cards rallied for 2 runs in top of 2nd to re-take the lead 5-4.

P1010511The game slowed down and got very interesting when Bill Gill took over for Rutledge in bottom of the 2nd inning. The Dodgers had the top of their line-up to face Bill. After Will McPherson hit a fly ball to center field, Tony Lomax walked and Judson Belote smoked a double to right center scoring Lomax and tying the score. With score 5-5, the Cards took a 1 run lead (6-5) in top of 4th inning on Cory Morgan’s RBI single.

In top of the 6th inning, the Cardinals posted a 2-out rally when Carlos Canelo’s 3rd hit of the game got the scoring started and scored on Kurt Adkison’s base-hit.  With 2 runners on, Cory Morgan once again was facing Dodgers reliever, Ramon Moreta, and flared a soft liner down the left field line.  The ball landed “close” to the line and the home plate umpire ruled the ball “fair” and 2 more Cardinal runs scored to push their lead to 9-5.

In bottom of 6th, Bill Gill got Jocko to pop-up leading off the 6th.  Then the dangerous and patient Ray Reinhart worked Bill for a walk. Ramon singled and Carlos Varela singled to load bases. When Greg Bacchus bounced back to the mound, Ray was forced out at home.  Two outs and still bases loaded. Will McPherson singled to score 2 runs. When Tony Lomax walked, Bill was ready for some help.  But who?

Miller approached Cory Morgan who said, “he would give it a try.”  Cory’s first pitch was a strike to Judson Belote, who never met a fastball he didn’t like.  P1010513 (2)His hard hit ground ball looked like it would be the 3rd out of inning.  Instead, Clay Forbis misjudged the bouncer and it shot under his glove into center field to allow the Dodgers to tie the game when Kevin Latham popped up to shortstop.

Tied 9-9 the Cardinals placed their 3 previous batters from 6th inning on to load bases.  Adam Scales came through with a swinging bunt that Bacchus had no play at home and all runner safe. Steve Eordogh singled to make score 12-9.  Clay Forbis followed with a 2-run single for Cards to go up 14-9. Next 3 batters went 1-2-3.  In bottom of the 7th, the Dodgers loaded the bases with Johnny Houghton facing MorganHoughton doubled to score 2 runs.  Jocko walked to reload the bases.  Ray Reinhart bunted to force an out at the plate where a slow exchange from Morgan to Morris  was too late at first to get a DP. P1010529 (2)The game winner turned out to be a deep fly ball by Bacchus that Lowell Hindt caught but when the relay throw to 3rd sailed to the fence, the Dodgers scored the winning run. Other wise the game might have stayed tied for a second time.  The rest is history.  What a game!

Rough First inning put Tigers in the hole. 

P1010544 (2)After the Prudential Tigers scored 3 runs in top of the first, everyone thought this might be an opportunity for the Tigers to get a “W”. But in bottom of the 1st, Travis Hill had no answer for the hot swinging A’s bats as they pounded 8 hits and scored 8 runs before Kris Klinger had to take over for Travis.

For next 2 innings the game was about good pitching and good defense by both teams. The A’s put the game away in the 4th inning taking advantage of control problems on the mound as Klinger walked the bases loaded. Carlos Varela, hitting in the 5 spot singled in the A’s 9th run followed by a Tim Wallenstrom RBI single. P1010550 (2)Moreta’s RBI ground out scored one more and the A’s 13th run came in on Cory Morgan’s infield grounder that was not caught at first base. In bottom of the 5th the Tigers scored 4 runs on 5 hits from Carlos Cabrera, Ricky Duggar, Terry Terrell, Jason Belote, and Carlos Canelo.

The A’s would come back and score 2 more runs off relief pitcher


, Cabrera to make the final score 15-7.

Next Sunday Schedule:

9:00 AM – Dodgers vs Orioles (H/Food Host)

11:45 AM – Tigers vs Cardinals (H/Food Host)




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