Post-Season Player Award Ballots and League Officer Voting Ballots will be distributed next Sunday, September 18th.  Please start doing your research now so you know who you want to vote for.  If you can’t think of anyone, vote for yourself. (It’s legal)



The date for the annual HDL Banquet  is unconfirmed at this time but you can expect it will be in November, either: 11th, 12th, 18th or 19th.


To my HDL friends and family:

I have been  extremely busy and talking individually to everyone who knows me is impossible so posting this announcement is the only alternative.  I want to give you the official word that I am announcing that I will be retiring from HDL at end of my current term as HDL President. I have decided that as I complete almost four decades as a player and officer with HDL, it is time to prepare for my next chapter.  Besides, my health is an issue that was a major influence in this decision.

I am leaving HDL with a great deal of satisfaction and pride in the League that it has become and my role in building one of the best adult men baseball leagues in this area of the country.

I want to continue to help the HDL maintain a reliable place to play baseball in Tobey park.  Since I am committed to leaving enough room in my schedule for umpiring, Park Services Field Director and most importantly, my wife Sandy, my son and daughter-in-law, Kevin and Gena, and my two grandchildren, Seth and Gage.

To all of you, I would like to express my thanks for your love, your care and your support over these last thirty eight years.  At moments like this, you have the opportunity to step back and reflect on all the people on whom you have depended, on whose counsel you have relied, and to whom you have survived during tough times.  To me,  life is all about these relationships, and I consider myself a very fortunate human being to have had so many wonderful ones through the years. I look forward to continue seeing you and talking “baseball”.  My stepping down will decrease the volume of my posts on the Blog so I am soliciting some HDL members to come forward and consider becoming a contributor or author of articles on the Blog.  It is easy and I am willing to show you how to post an article or make changes to current pages.

Don’t forget to Vote!

Ballot Copy:   2016-awards-and-2017-officers



Thank you, and take care,




Thx for all that you’ve done for the entire league Larry! You not being involved is like having peanut butter and no jelly! Lol ! GEAUX TIGERS!

Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5

WOW !! I’m not only shocked but, this league may not have survived without your love, dedication, and your abilities and an organizer . It will take 4 people to just put a dent in what you, Larry have brought forth. Your tireless efforts in the HDL will be sorely missed. I can’t see you Not there on Sunday mornings / Friday nights.
This will be the crossroads for this Wonderful HDL baseball league that we are privileged to be a part of. We will all have to come together to refine our abilities to maintain and slowly grow / maintain our league balance.
Larry, as far as I’m concerned, You are the HDL . And I’m proclaiming you HDL President Emeritus !!! As well as coining Tobey / Legion field as ‘Rutledge Field’ !!!
These words are from a heavy heart ; however, this fine league will survive. We have several members that have the ability to help maintain our HDL quality!
Although it’s not over for 2016 ! We have the end of our season culminating and a great banquet to attend before the end of the year !

Hello Larry,
I completely agree with Josh and Robert. Your are the HDL and you will be missed big time. I certainly hope your health issues are soon a small dot in your rear view mirror. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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