Two Teams went 11 Innings to determine Losers Bracket Winner

Today’s game between V-Brothers Athletics and Peterbilt Cardinals might be called an “instant Classic” if it was filmed by ESPN or some other baseball lovers network. For the first 9 innings, each team took advantage of any pitch they could handle to create an opportunity to score a run.  Check out this linescore from the HDL scoreboard:


The final score was 5-4.  Since our scoreboard only displays 10 innings, the scoring in the 11th inning was hung from left peg of the “Total” section.

Two Outstanding Pitchers dominated their opponents Hitters

Starting pitchers for A’s and Cardinals were Juan Jose Castillo (A’s) and PW Burnett (Cards).  Both pitchers put on a display of championship pitching. Moving the baseball around, Up-Down; In-Out, opposing hitters were never comfortable looking for a certain pitch.  Batters of each team knew they had to make the bat meet the ball or stand the chance of being “rung-up” if a pitch was the least bit near the strike zone.

p1030122PW Burnett for Cardinals went as long as he could which was 10 innings. No one was keeping a pitch count but with all the foul balls, I estimate PW threw over 200 pitches (52 batters x 4 pitches per batter).

On the A’s team, Juan Castillo went 8 complete innings and probably threw around 175 pitches before he turned over the mound to Nick Harris to finish the 9th, 10th and 11th innings and get the “W” for the A’s.  p1030138Unfortunately, Bill Gill was tasked with following the performance by PW and coming in “cold” from playing outfield it took him a couple of batters to get his bearings on exactly where his pitches needed to be.  Bill faced 5 batters in top of 11th inning.

  With one out and Jose Ortiz on 2nd base, Bill Gill faced Otis Edwards, who is known for being a hard swinger.  When Otis connects he pulls a lot of balls toward left field.  But against Lefty, Bill Gill, Otis hit a long “gapper” toward right-center that PW Burnett had to chase to the fence.  p1030141By the time the ball missed the Cardinals cut-off infielders, Ortiz was coasting into home plate with the go-ahead run. Two fly balls later, the inning was over and the Cardinals knew they had to get one run to keep the game alive or 2 runs for the win. The only problem, the Cardinals had to make something happen against a fresh Nick Harris who was testing his injured arm which had not thrown in a live game for over a month. 

p1030153-2The time off must have helped Nick heal good enough to sit down 10 straight batters to end the Cardinals hopes of advancing to the Championship round.

  Instead the V-Brothers Athletics will square-off next Sunday against the powerful and fresh Lomax Dodgers to see if the season will end with a Dodgers victory or go to an extra game the following week if the A’s can pull-off the upset.

For the past several years the trend has been for the team with a losing record gets hot and finds a way to win.  It will be interesting to see if this trend continues with the talented and resilient V-Brothers A’s. 

Late Game Time Start Next Sunday – 11:00 AM

The start of the game next week was requested to be pushed back to 11:00 AM to accommodate some travel plans facing some of the Athletics players. It should be a good game.

If your team was eliminated, come out and watch this potentially exciting game between two teams that play outstanding defense and have solid hitting and pitching.

Congratulations to the Cardinals, Orioles and Tigers team players for proving the HDL was a balanced league in 2016.  Some can make the point that roster depth due to injuries and player work conflicts affected teams flexibility to shore up weaknesses.  But we have to give credit to the team managers for making the best of what they had to work with, week by week.

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Hats off to the As.. Well played, and great work by Juan-Jose and Nick H.. I told you guys not to sleep on that team!

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