2017 Season Start-up

2017 SEASON – What You Need To Know

The 2017 HDL Officers are excited about the start of the new season. It is important that everyone review this Blog Post to help you prepare your HDL baseball plans for 2017.

  1.  2017 HDL Season – Rough draft completed

    The schedule will list some scheduled Friday dates  as well as some “open dates” designated for Rain-out Make-up games.  The schedule will list a total of 20-22 Regular season games for each team. (Post-Season play-offs are a bonus so every team has an opportunity to play as many as 24 games with post-season winners playing as many as 5 extra play-off games)   Due to unpredictable weather trends, HDL members must understand that 20 games during regular season are not guaranteed.  The HDL Schedule will be posted on the Blog after number of teams is determined.

  2. 2016 Player Dues – Dues will stay at $150 for 2017

    Player dues are estimated based on funds needed to run the league and meet all expenses.  Each game requires:  Umpires, baseballs, bats, field materials, etc.  An estimate of what the HDL can expect to pay out during the season is used to calculate player portion, after we deduct sponsor contributions and any roll-over in the league’s bank account from previous season.  On average, the HDL hopes as many as 12-13 “paying” players per team can be recruited. This year again, the HDL is going to try to minimize costs of buying new team shirts for everyone.  AGAIN, this is where the HDL needs last year players  to cooperate. After the Teams are drafted, we need all last year players who are selected to be on a team that will wear a different uniform than their last year shirt color to turn-in last year’s shirt for their new 2017 team shirt color.  For players who cooperate with the shirt swap program, their 2016 Dues will be $150.  For players from last year who choose to keep their last year shirt, or lost their last year shirt, they will be charged $160 for dues. New players will only be charged $150 because the budget includes a cost estimate to provide new player’s a team shirt.

  3. HDL 2017 DRAFT  – Tentative Date:  Sunday March 19th.

    With lack of preseason workouts, the HDL officers are never comfortable expediting the team drafts until we hear from prior year’s players on their ability to play HDL baseball.  We also need to meet any new players to evaluate their impact on benefiting a team that needs their playing level and skills.  So far, several new players have been identified. By next Sunday (March 5th) we are asking all former HDL players to contact the following HDL officers to help us prepare for the draft.  2016 Peterbilt Cardinal players contact Robert Miller (Text to: 315-2987);  2016 Lost Pizza Oriole and Prudential Tigers players contact Don Hinkle (Text 483-3204);  2016 Lomax Insulation Dodgers players contact Travis Hill (Text 609-9599) or Kevin Latham2016 Varela Bros. A’s players contact Carlos Varela (Text 372-5910) —-With Easter Holiday happening late this year on Sunday April 16th, HDL would like to hold the draft as soon as we have an accurate estimate of player commitments for 2017 Season.  We also know if any past HDL players have injuries or physical limitations that team managers need to be aware of during consideration for 2017 team draft.

  4. 2017 Tie Breaker Rule – Keep it or Change it?

    Last year we implemented a reliable method to “Break” a tie at end of regulation (9 innings or Time expired).—- So in 2017 we will invite your feedback on continuing this effective solution.  Should we start the extra inning with last 3 batters from previous inning to be placed at 1st, 2nd & 3rd bases??  If one of “assigned” base runners is a player designated for a courtesy runner, standard courtesy runner determinations will be followed.  Inning will start with No Outs/bases loaded.  Inning will be played until each team makes 3 outs with Home team following same format as Visiting team. This format will continue until a winner is determined.

  5. 4 Teams or 5 Teams – That is the Question!

    Our big decision to be resolved is to form 5 teams or revert back to 4 teams? If sufficient commitments from established and new players, we will form the league and set the schedule accordingly. As we approach the Player Draft, we will conduct 2 drafts:  A Five Team Draft and a Four Team Draft.  This will automatically provide a more organized set-up to get the season going.

 At least 5 or 6 sponsors are anticipated to be signed-up for 2017 season.  This is all for now.

Time for players to “Get Serious”.

Baseball is Fun when you play the game!

1 Comment

For what it is worth, I much prefer the international rule for tie break in baseball.
We used it in the Germantown league and it was effective.
Place a runner on second and begin a inning with 0 outs. I gives much more opportunity to use strategy to get the man home.
loading the bases is not strategy in my opinion.
For what its worth.

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