Sunday 3/19/17 Workout/Tidbits

   Gentlemen, (you too Bo) welcome to the 2017 edition of HDL Baseball. I hope and assume everyone is excited to get things going. With that things need to spring into full motion quickly. Sunday we encourage a large turnout especially from our rookie pool. Discussions will be held Sunday morning between officers and coaches but every attempt will be made to conduct a draft on 3/26/17 in some form for organizational purposes. This will allow us to proceed with an exhibition schedule.  I believe it is unanimous at least at this point that a 5 team league is how we will proceed due to soft and firm commitment levels being high. If anyone is interested in coaching (and the responsibilities that go along with it) please let myself, Robert or Ramon know. Several years experience in the league is preferred.  We have one more opening for a coach.

    I will be candid in telling you that 5 teams will severely test the league’s pitching depth considering the loss of a few due to injury and limited participation from others due to various factors. So I will hit this from two directions. 1) Those of you who pitch well and just choose not to really need to step in to help unless you want some REALLY long innings to occur. 2) This is a great situation for those who have sought an opportunity to pitch but haven’t been able to based on the team’s roster. So with that Latham’s first post is in the books. Look forward to seeing and working with everyone on a great season. Get that 150 in to secure a spot. A 4 year old playing tee ball costs 25 percent more so it is a bargain.  

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