2017 HDL Banquet Review

2017 HDL Banquet Review (11/13/2017)

The 2017 HDL Baseball season annual Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet was held Saturday, November 11th at the Ballroom of the Butcher Shop on Germantown Parkway.  Approximately 50-55 members and guests came out on a great evening to be part of a special night in the growing history of the Hernando DeSoto Men’s Baseball League.

For Those who attended:

Please tell your fellow players/teammates, who were unable to attend, that we wish they could have attended. Several HDL players, who previously mentioned they were planning to attend, had last minute conflicts that prevented their attendance. We hope to find a way to get more HDL members and guests to attend this annual event next year.


While everyone was waiting for their food order to be cooked, Larry Rutledge showed a a couple of  prior year’s Slideshow recap videos from 2013 and 2015. Players and their wives/dates enjoyed revisiting “Days Gone By.”

Prior to presentation of player awards, a short video slide show, with music, showed pictures from 2017 Season was played. 

We will continue this treat as a tradition to help everyone re-live the season.  For those of you who want to see it again or for those who did not attend, this video will be loaded on YouTube in next 2 weeks.

Hall of Fame Inductees:


Two former HDL Players and One current HDL Player were inducted into the HDL Hall of Fame. 

First inductee:  Aaron Sinzheimer

First inductee, Aaron Sinzheimer, was Inducted for his career as an Outfielder during his 12 year HDL career. Aaron was a dedicated player who could play any outfield position and was consistent at the plate. Aaron’s dependability, even when his work and personal schedule made it tough, he would always find a way to get to the ballpark. Aaron expressed how much he appreciated the camaraderie of being a member of the HDL.

Second inductee:  Micky Brown

Our next inductee, Micky Brown, was equally appreciative to being inducted as a member of the HDL Hall of Fame. Micky was always enthusiastic about having an opportunity to be a baseball player for the HDL. Micky was most appreciated for becoming a Catcher and getting a chance to calling the pitches from Sonny Sheeks, Gene Brady and many other great legends of the HDL. When not working the plate, Micky was also a good Outfielder.  Micky will be best remembered for hitting 7 Home Runs during his HDL career.

Micky made a very sincere statement about how much the HDL has meant to him during his playing days and still today. 

Third Inductee:  Ray Reinhart

Our third 2017 HDL Hall of Fame Inductee was a 14 year veteran who equally holds the HDL in the highest regard.  Ray Reinhart was inducted in this year’s class of Hall of Fame Inductees.  During Ray’s 14 years. Ray has steadily battled scoliosis that has limited his range of movement, which for a baseball player, makes playing competitive baseball an almost impossibility. But in the HDL a players heart is sometimes more important than some minor physical limitation in range of movement.  Ray has always been a student of the game who is always looking for ways to make the game more interesting. At the plate, Ray has always been one to battle any pitcher he faces.  Ray knows when he bats, his goal is to “get on base.” Walks, errors, hit-by-pitches or a solid base hit, it does not matter. If he gets on base, he is the happiest player on the team.  Striking out is something he tries to avoid. And if the 3rd strike is a ball he did not swing at, Ray feels 100% in his heart that the umpire might have missed that particular pitch. 


All SPONSORS were presented a plaque expressing our appreciation.

Sponsor Attending:  Carlos Varela – V-Brothers Motors A’s; Don Hinkle – Prudential Insurance Tigers.  Tony Lomax – Lomax Insulation Dodgers;

Absent: Will McPherson – Lost Pizza OriolesBuilders Transportation

Next, all Managers were recognized for fulfilling this important role – Carlos Varela, Don Hinkle, Jose Ortiz and Terry Terrell


 Outfield:        Oscar Zamudio, Carlos Cabrera, Carlos Canelo Jr. and Johnny Gonzalez

Utility:            Alex Vivas

Catcher:           Ramon Moreta

Pitcher:           Juan-Jose Castillo

First Base:     Carlos Varela

Second base:  Cesar Cabrera

Third Base:     John McPhail

Shortstop:        Nick Harris


Rookie of Year:  Carlos Pargas – .241 Avg.

Ray Reinhart – Charlie Hustle Award:  John DiGiacomo

Team MVP’s:      PW Burnett (Lost Pizza Orioles), Juan-Jose Castillo (Lomax Dodgers), Nick Harris (V-Brothers Athletics), Jodie Wolfe (Prudential Tigers)

League MVP:      Jose Ortiz

Best Pitcher:  Juan-Jose Castillo (12-3; 2.30 ERA)

Batting Champion – Cesar Cabrera, (.447 Avg.)

Batting Champion Runner-Up – Greg Bacchus – (.434 Avg.)



Congratulations to all players who were recognized by their peers as “The Best” of the best. And for those players who posted best category statistics for all earned awards.

Officer Changes for 2018

Prior to the Banquet, Kevin Latham submitted his resignation as an active Officer of the HDL. Kevin sent a very detailed explanation to current HDL officers.  Kevin’s Email is posted here:

“Please take this as notice of my resignation from VP responsibilities for next season. I am a full time single Dad working a demanding job (logged about 80 hours one week for a rollout) who lives 30 minutes from Tobey. (I am) Not the ideal candidate for the attention that is required for the position. Perhaps when my kids are grown I can revisit. I love the league but all in all it’s about priorities and my son, along with the job that pays the bills, that has to take precedence for a while. Time is not something I have. This season was not very fun for me with this burden whether apparent or mentally because I have a conscience about those who shared the new venture and the efforts they put in. Anyway, nothing personal towards anyone.  Just a decision that needs to be made now. “

We totally understand where Kevin is coming from. Many of us have faced similar challenges to those that Kevin mentioned. We made it very clear to Kevin that he is a valuable veteran member of the HDL. In 2018, Kevin will start his 10th year playing Baseball in the HDL. So it is vitally important that Kevin continue his playing career for as long as he can.

For now, President Robert Miller will review possible candidates who can be recruited to fill Kevin’s “Open” Officer position during 2018.  Currently Robert has continued support from Ramon Moreta and Travis Hill, and of course, Larry Rutledge.

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