February 2018


Yes Jake, I can see why you have to be in condition to coach 1st and 3rd base.
I also believe you have to be in tough mental shape as well.

First, you must stand with imposing presence to intimidate the defense and let them know your runner is in the best of hands. This includes the standard stand with your arms crossed like you are Don Zimmer waiting for his next round of Geritol.

Also the famous hands in the back pockets and the perfect lean to spit the oversize chew of tobacco or chewing gum that is ready to be gotten rid of, and last, the all important hands on your head with mouth wide open when the umps make another call that can not be explained.

Second, you must be aware at all times what’s going on all around you including when the chicken needs turning over on the grill behind first base.

Third, it’s important to scream at the top off your lungs “BACK” when a pick off attempt is made, even when the entire offensive team screams the same in the dugout. This requires plenty of vocal exercises just like Sinatra did before every concert.

Fourth, and most important, even though it is sometimes frowned upon, you must have big enough back pockets to hide your can of beer because sometimes there are very long innings.


And don’t forget what it means when coach yells, “PLUS!” “PLUS!” “PLUS!”, right before you get picked off.

Thanks to Jocko for getting us focused on the fun of HDL Baseball.

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