March 2018

Where is everybody?????


The HDL depends on baseball players who want to play ball. We depend on players to show their intentions to play by showing up in March. Maybe March is too early to even think about baseball, even though, Major League Baseball will start the season in 3 weeks.  High schools and colleges have been playing baseball for almost 3 weeks and their schedule of games is growing everyday. Of course, the weather has been changing everyday. Just when fields dry out, it rains (or snows) again. Temperatures are also unpredictable. Not every day is 70 degrees.

Player Annual Changes

Each year players are experiencing different phases of life’s evolution. We get a year older, our families grow and related responsibilities put added pressure on the male members of a family to decide if they can continue being involved with playing baseball. No matter how much the player loves the game, they have to consider their responsibilities to their wife and children. The off season is when we give these circumstances serious thought.  The final decision comes down to how much we talk about what can be worked out to give and take with our spouses (or partners) to be away, one (or sometimes) two days a week, to play baseball for 2-1/2 to 3 hours each game day.  During that time away from home, certain natural events require the players partner to agree to handle the challenges or problems that one person can handle.  These family challenges work much easier when two people are available.


No doubt, a strong, supportive partner, in a family situation is the most valuable asset an HDL player can have. If you have this worked out or are in the process of working out the details to free up your baseball hobby, we wish you luck and hope it gets resolved soon.  The HDL is waiting on you – whoever you are. If you are single or unattached, then what is your excuse?  We would love to hear from you. You must be in great shape and are ready to start playing as soon as the HDL puts out a roster.

Players we have not seen or heard from:

Pardon me if your name is on this list and you have contacts an HDL Officer or another HDL Player that you are going to play during the 2018 HDL season. Juan Blanco? Ben Eldred? Johnny Gonzalez? John McPhail? Jason Nilsen? Kevin Nilsen? James Skinner? Jodi Wolfe? Brandon Anderson? Steve Eordogh? PW Burnett? Bret Delk? Adam Harrell? Kevin High? Lowell Hindt? Johnny Houghton? Mike Morris? Jose Navarro? Patrick Belote? Greg Bacchus? Paul Baioni? Carlos Canelo? Juan Castillo? Tony Lomax? Jason Mayrena? Quintell Myers? Lee Nixon? Jose Ortiz? Cesar Roman? Nick Harris? Jose Familia? Wes Hill? Kevin Latham? Carlos Medina? Ramon Moreta? Cory Morgan? Carlos Pargas? Carlos Varela? Alex Vivas? Oscar Zamudio?

Players who have made practice or made their playing intentions known:  Larry Hunsucker, Derek Caraway, Judson Belote, Travis Hill, Tim Wallenstrom, Jake Hatchett, Brandon Poyner (New), 4 or 5 other NEW players.

Are You In?

So as you can see, we are a long way away from enough players to form even a 2 team league. I hope this will get to those on the “Have Not Heard From List” to make contact, in-person, via text message, email, or comment on this Blog page, letting the officers know you can be counted on to be included in the team draft due to be completed by March 25th. If this critical date can be met, we would take April 1st off for Easter and come back on April 8th to start official game schedule.

Have a Great Week – See you soon!

Larry Rutledge, HDL President Emeritus





Sunday, March 11th – Rise & Shine!!

HDL Baseball second pre-season practice of 2018 will be today. Don’t be lazy.  Show up and be crazy. Start getting in shape and work on your baseball skills. 

Temperature is mild.  Skies are overcast but should start thinning out as day goes on.

Daylight Savings Time Begins today. That event always messes up players schedule.  The best way to adjust to time difference is to get up and get moving.

See you at Tobey!

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