Courtesy Runner Playoff Rule and Other Clarifications

League Officers and Team Managers recently reviewed HDL rules and identified several “Courtesy Runner” rules that needed clarification.

Also reviewed were:

  • Use of borrowed players during playoffs
  • Game Time Limits and tie game procedure


Rule 2 (Courtesy Runner) see

Rule 4 of current Courtesy Runner Rule is “scratched” due to ambiguity in the original paragraph.

If anyone has any questions, please contact your team manager.  If Team Manager can not answer your question, Manager will seek an answer from league officers.

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In my opinion, the pitcher/catcher part of the courtesy runner should be in the last two outs. In order to keep the game moving with two outs at least the catcher should come in from the bases. unless it is the last inning. In a lot of our games the pitcher wants to run and does not come out. Now with the changes we can only designate 1 non runner that is not the pitcher or catcher. seems like you are wasting the designation on the pitcher if he is going to run anyway. I would like to see more discussion on this. I am fine with what has arrived from discussions so far and I thank the officers for addressing it. Let’s have a great tournament.

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