No Baseball Today

As I am sure all of you, like me, are extremely upset over the weather coming into the area and messing up the first day of spring training. We will be back in action next week. This is going to be a short one this week. I have to clean up the living room. Here is the next installment of my 5s/5s series with 5 ways to make a rain day fun and 5 ways to ruin a rain day:

5 Ways of Fun

  • Go to Church.
  • Enjoy the day off with family. It’s a long season…
  • Sleep In to whenever you want…
  • Watch politics on tv and blame the weather on politicians…
  • Get some things done around the house. You know who you are…

5 Ways to Ruin

  • Not check the blog, facebook or twitter and drive to tobey. You Dunce…
  • Hit off a tee inside your living room. Your wife won’t be happy…
  • Let your child hit off of a tee in the living room. Wife…..
  • Let your other child…..
  • Needless to say, My wife’s day is ruined………….I had a great time…

See you all next week….

Judson “Judi” Belote

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