April 2019

Using TeamSnap for the 2019 Season – Please Read

We will be using TeamSnap as our main source for communication and info this season. It is a tool meant to make life easier for everyone. I know that it is new to most, but after a little usage and playing around with the app, you will see how it is a convenient tool for coaches and players alike. This app will help coaches and officers get info out without having to track everyone down individually or create a team text on there phone everytime we need to get info out. Remember, these coaches and officers are spending their free time away from families and work to get you the information you need for every Sunday. Please download the app and play around with it and you will find out how easy it is. Click on the TeamSnap Logo at the top for Help with Account Setup.

There are 3 main sections on the phone app that are very important for getting out information to teams:

The SCHEDULE section has your teams season schedule loaded on to the app. This has important information about the day that you play, the time you play, whether you are the home or away and any special notes needed for that specific day. Coaches and/or Officers will be able to send out a cancelled game or event at the click of a button. Any changes to games or events will automatically send out a message telling you the change that was made.

The ROSTER section has everyone on your team’s name, number, email and info about that person. Please go to this section and fill out your information. You can also upload a photo of yourself for coaches to recognize new players faces with names.

The MESSAGES section is the most important. This is where coaches and officers can send teams information or messages and receive feedback or answers to any questions they might ask. Please respond back so that we know that you are receiving messages.

Last Thoughts….

Coaches should not have to track down players for every Sunday. The only time you should have to say anything to a coach about attendance is when you are not going to be there. It takes a few seconds out of your day to message your coach saying “Can’t make it this weekend.” You are expected to be at every game unless you tell the coach otherwise. It is as simple as that.

And Lastly….

There shouldn’t be any excuse for not knowing what is going on in the HDL universe. We are now using FOUR different ways to get info out to players. The HDL website will always have information about everything the HDL has to offer. Twitter and Facebook are both great tools for alerting league members about changes and info. TeamSnap is used for your individual teams information. Please use them all to stay informed.

One More Thing….

Have a Great Season and See You on the Field!!!

Judson “Judi” Belote

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