HDL COVID-19 Update

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HDL Community,

We hope all are doing well in this time of uncertainty. If you are like me, I am itching to get back on the ball field rather than being cooped up at the house all day with nothing but a simple hitting screen in my backyard to get some sort of baseball fulfillment in my life. Please bare with us knowing that we are observing the situation on a daily basis and want to play as bad as the rest of us. As of right now, it is a waiting game. As soon as we know more information we will get that out to you.

To answer a number of questions and concerns that the officers have received of the past couple of weeks:

We will have a 2020 season. We plan on starting as soon as the city will allow. We need 20 weekends to have a full season. If we were to start on May 3rd, there would be 31 weekends to the end of November. We have time.

We will not start before the quarantine is lifted. We will follow all guidelines that the city has and will layout for organizations and facilities like ours. We have a plan in place for if they only allow on a small number of people during the phase openings. For example, If they only allow 10 bodies at one time, then we will have sessions during the weekend where plays can come out and throw, hit, run, etc. If we start soon enough, we will try to have a couple of weekends of practices so that no starts “cold” when we start league play.

As of right now, HDL dues will remain the same. We will come up with a due date when all of this has lifted. We do not expect any payments at this time. If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the officers.

When we start back, there may be some rules implemented to better serve the health of our players. We are going to try not to change the integrity of the game. That being said, you will have to do your part. Will will let you know if there are any changes when we know a date of return.

As always, if anyone has questions or concerns for anything, please contact us so that we can take care of as soon as possible.

Stay Safe,

HDL Board

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