The 2020 HDL Player Awards Announcement

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In November it was announced that due to the on-going COVID situation, the HDL would not be hosting a Banquet in 2020.

However, we invited all HDL players to submit their personal choices for Gold Glove and other Awards through a formatted email process.

At the end of the season, we promised all award winners would be announced. However, the actual trophies and awards will be handed out on the date of the 2021 season opener (TBA). The exact date of the Awards presentation will be posted on the HDL Blog.

We wish to thank everyone who participated in the voting process. From the attached list of winners, it is obvious that HDL players have made some outstanding choices.


2021-2022 League President will be Jake Hatchett

Jake Hatchett was the unanimous choice for HDL President for the next 2 years. Jake began his HDL career in 2014 and has proven his dedication to the principles and baseball history that makes the HDL a unique opportunity for adult baseball players to play competitive baseball.

Jake will be recruiting a staff of supportive officers to help the HDL to continue to be successful in 2021. Jake would love to be contacted by any interested member who has a minimum of 3 years experience with HDL to discuss how they can be a contributor to the league operations staff.

Jake may be contacted at (870)514-3212.

Trophies or awards will be presented to the following: 

2020 HDL Player Awards


Gold Glove/Best Pitcher: Eric Sipes (Giants)

Gold Glove Catcher:  Carlos Bello (Giants)

Gold Glove First Base:  Greg Bacchus  (Giants)

Gold Glove Second Base:  Ceasar Cabrera (Yankees)

Gold Glove Third Base:  Rene Barios (Cardinals) 

Gold Glove Shortstop:  Tyler Dunn (Cardinals) 

Gold Glove Outfield:  Cody Dunn  (A’s)

Gold Glove Outfield:  Zach Dowd (Giants)

Gold Glove Outfield:  Tim Williams (Royals)

Gold Glove Outfield:  Adam Fonseca (Yankees)

Gold Glove Utility:  Ben Eldred (Giants)


Rookie of Year:  Mora Windermi (A’s)

Charlie Hustle Award:  Luis Espino  (Giants)


Cardinals MVP: Tyler Dunn

Royals MVP: Alex Vivas

Yankees MVP: Ceasar Cabrera

A’s MVP: Jake Hatchett

Giant’s MVP: Eric Sipes


League MVP & Batting Champ:  Ceasar Cabrera (Yankees)


Sponsor Recognition:  AutoMax (Carlos Varela)

Sponsor Recognition:  Thompson Trucks/Equipment (Robert Miller) 

Several Other Anonymous Sponsors



“HDL 41st Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Suspended”


The HDL Hall of Fame Committee agreed with the HDL officer’s decision to suspend holding any “in-person” banquet for 2020.

Therefore, there would be no induction ceremony for additional candidates in 2020.



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