2021 HDL Banquet Recap

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The 2021 HDL Player Awards and Hall of Fame Banquet was held Friday night, November 12th, at the Colettas Italian Restaurant Party Room.

Approximately 80+ players, players spouses or partners, and invited guests attended. The management and staff at Colettas did a fantastic job handling such a large crowd with very few disappointments. As usual,the program was slow getting started as a few attendees were late arriving. Food orders began about 7:15 PM and continued until all attendees were accommodated.

Due to the crowded banquet room and spacial limitations, the popular HDL Audio-Visual entertainment was postponed. Larry Rutledge explained some of the logistical challenges the HDL is facing since the league has expanded to a 6 team format, such as taking photos, collecting photos from various photographers and organizing game action photos for three different games each Sunday. This issue will be discussed as we start addressing plans for the 2022 season.


Three candidates were approved by the Hall of Fame Committee for this year’s 42nd Annual induction ceremony.

The first Inductee was Outfielder Otis Edwards who played in the HDL from about 2013 to 2018. Otis’s career batting average of .360 and over 200 plate appearances caught the attention of the committee. Otis was always respected for his aggressive approach to hitting the baseball. Otis will also be remembered for his calm demeanor in any situation. He exemplified the famous saying, “walk softly but carry a big stick.” Otis was thankful and very appreciative of the honor of joining the HDL Hall of Fame.

The second candidate to be inducted was long time HDL player, John McPhail. John started his career in the HDL in 2009. On defense, John played mostly at 3rd base where he excelled and earned his first Gold Glove trophy in 2011.

On offense, John had almost 500 plate appearances with a career batting average of .361. During the last 10 years of his career he was always reliable to be there for his team.

The final Inductee was Bo McMinn. Bo’s first full season in the HDL was 2007. In Bo’s first year he won the Batting Title with a .625 average. Each year Bo’s love and appreciation for the HDL grew stronger and stronger. Bo eventually became HDL President and continued to play while battling physical strain on his body. But that didn’t stop him from promoting the HDL and setting an example for many new players to follow. In 12 years of active participation, Bo ended his career with a lifetime .504 batting average and led the league in many statistical categories.

After Bo was presented his well deserved HDL Hall of Fame Induction, Bo was asked to say a few words to the attendees. Once again Bo set the example of what the HDL is all about. Bo stressed how important it was for new and developing players to understand how special the HDL format is for adult baseball players. The HDL offers the opportunity for players of all levels of skill to play together and help each other become a better representative of the game and how we play it.

2021 Player Awards Presentation

Jake Hatchett and Judson Belote conducted the introduction and presentation of all trophies to 2021 players who were selected or earned a variety of award categories.

Trophies were presented to the following:

Gold Glove Pitcher: Gordon Lecinskis

Gold Glove Catcher: Carlos Bello

Gold Glove First Base: Adam Fonseca

Gold Glove Second Base: Ceasar Cabrera

Gold Glove Third Base: Esau Rivas

Gold Glove Shortstop: Tyler Dunn

Gold Glove Outfield: Mitchell Henderson

Gold Glove Outfield: Zack Dowd

Gold Glove Outfield: Tim Williams

Gold Glove Utility: Will Wilson

Rookie of Year: Mitchell Henderson

Hustle/Ray Reinhart Award: Yepez Gerardo

Cardinals MVP: Windermi Mora

Royals MVP: Carlos Bello

Yankees MVP: Jake Hatchett

Cubs MVP: Tyler Dunn

Royals MVP: Carlos Bello

Giants MVP: Ceasar Cabrera

A’s MVP: Gordon Lecinskis

Best Pitcher: Gordon Lecinskis

League MVP & Batting Champ: Ceasar Cabrera

Final Remarks

Special recognition was extended to Beth Hatchett for her dedication and support to help make the Banquet a success.

Be Ready for more fun in 2022

All players were reminded to check the HDL Blog for off-season updates and announcements. There are some significant changes in progress at Tobey park that will make Tobey Baseball experience much different in 2020. When extra help is needed, the Blog and Facebook will solicit your assistance.

The Banquet was concluded and, hopefully, everyone made it home safely.

Post Script.....
Over the past couple of years I have attempted to post several articles on this Blog.  Each time I have ran into complications that had never happened previously.  I do not know what changed but it has frustrated me from being more involved with the HDL.  I will continue to try to resolve these issues so I can contribute more frequently and in such a way that all HDL members can also be recognized for their accomplishments both on and off the baseball field.  
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Larry Rutledge
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