HDL 2017 Schedule / Tobey Park Directions

2017 HDL 5- Team League – Game Schedule:

This is the latest 5-Team game schedule for 2017 Season and will routinely show team scores for each game played during the season. NOTE:  This schedule is subject to change to fill-in make-up dates or team conflicts due to unforeseen circumstances.

(Note: This update was posted on Sunday, 3/26/2017

Team Records:  (After Opening Day)

      Dodgers      –   (0-0)

           Orioles     –   (0-0)

        Cardinals   –   (0-0)

         Athletics    –   (0-0)

           Tigers      –   (0-0)


     How to find Tobey Park:


Hernando Desoto Baseball League plays at Tobey Park, 197 Flicker Ave, 38104. Sunday morning games start at 9:00 AM.  Some games are also played on Friday Night starting at 7:00 PM.  See season schedule for latest dates and times.

Click this link to open pdf copy ==>    Tobey Park Map

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