HDL Media

HDL Photos: Mixed Archives 1980’s – 2020       [Look for HDL Videos after Photos – below]

2018 USA vs World Game
Tim McCarver Stadium
Indianapolis Clowns Game
1989 Approx.


Early 90's
Brady, Sheeks, Flynn, Bistolfi
Tim McCarver
Blue vs White
Hall of Fame Game


White Team

MEK Trucking
Homer Skelton Ford


AZP Recognition

HDL Video number 1 is found on youtube.com. This video was produced by former HDL officer, Todd Gilreath and was filmed June 8, 2008.  Newcastle Brown Ale 9 – Peterbilt of Memphis 7

Second Video is also found on youtube.com.  This video was also produced by former HDL officer, Todd Gilreat,h and was filmed May 28, 2008.  Newcastle Brown Ale 13 – Cupboard Restaurant 10:

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