HDL Sponsorship (Revised July 19, 2016)

HDL sponsorship may be in the form of a cash fee donation and/or in-kind fees paid to offset HDL operational expenses (typically leasing fees, equipment or capital improvements). In return, Sponsors are recognized by the HDL for their contributions.
While the Hernando DeSoto Mens Baseball League is a nonprofit organization, unlike philanthropy, we understand that an HDL sponsorship is considered sometimes with an expectation of a beneficial return.  As such, the HDL always strives to delivers a fair and equitable return on our sponsors contribution by offering:
  • Name and company contact information posted on HDL website/sites.  Sponsor company or organization URL links will be hyperlinked in all articles and posts.
  • Sponsor’s names will be visible at HDL game locations or events.
  • When fully vested with a specific team, the sponsor’s name will be listed in the Sports Section of the local newspaper when game recap line-scores are posted. Due to circumstances beyond our control, sports line-scores may not always appear the next day after a completed game.
  • Fully vested Sponsors will receive a recognition plaque at the annual HDL Awards banquet.  A Sponsor or their representative may attend the banquet to receive their recognition award as a guest of the HDL.
In general, while sports organization sponsorship can deliver increased awareness, brand building and propensity to purchase, it is different than advertising. Unlike advertising, sponsorship may not communicate specific product attributes. Nor can it stand alone. Sponsorship requires support elements. And, while advertising messages are controlled by the advertiser, sponsors do not control the message that is communicated. Consumers decide what a sponsorship means.

HDL Sponsor Fees

The sales cycle for obtaining HDL  sponsors is very simple.  Prior to the start of each season the HDL accepts prospective sponsors requests for consideration to become a sponsor for the pending season.  Contact with any HDL Officer or member will initiate the process.

The base fee for a one year full sponsor ship is $350(Partial) – $500(Full).

Fee payment must be submitted to the HDL current officers by no later than May 15th of each season.  For sponsor convenience, sponsors may choose to make installment payments of 50% of fee by April 15th with remaining balance due by June 15th of the current season.

2016 HDL Sponsors:

HDL Sponsors are the backbone of the HDL.  We could not survive without strong support from our sponsors.  This year we have several fine benefactors who deserve recognition:

  1. x-Peterbilt Trucks of Memphis (Future consideration undetermined)

  2. Prudential Financial Services (Tigers)

  3. LOMAX Insulation (Dodgers)

  4. V-Brothers Motors (Athletics)

  5. LOST PIZZA Company (Orioles)

New Sponsors considering HDL:

(To Be Announced)

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