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Today’s Game Results:

Game 1 –

Lost Pizza Orioles 3 – V-Brothers A’s 1

Game 2 –

Prudential Tigers 10 – Lomax Dodgers 8

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HDL Post-Season Round 3 Play-off game

  Sunday, Sept. 24th – 10:00 AM:

Game 1:  Lost Pizza Orioles vs Lomax Dodgers

Same format:  Double Elimination.

Special rules for Play-off games:

See separate post ===>>

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Team 2017 Records: (as of 9/17/2017)

Lomax Dodgers – (14-5) (1-1)

Prudential Tigers – (13-6) (2-0)

V-Bros/Builders A’s – (8-11) (0-2)

         Lost Pizza Orioles – (4-13) (1-1)

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<<<Ex-Cardinals (0-4)>>>

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Updated 2017 Game Schedule!

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“PLAYING BASEBALL is our Passion.”


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Election Year!


President:  Robert Miller

Vice President:  Kevin Latham

Vice President:  Ramon Moreta

Out-going VP’s:  Bo McMinn & Patrick Belote

HDL President Emeritus:  Larry Rutledge

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Today’s Baseball Thoughts: 

Babe Ruth said: “Baseball was, is and always will be the best game in the world.”


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Yours truly,

HDL President Emeritus:

Larry Rutledge                                        



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I really think you have an “upgraded” website for the League. I’m also glad to see that some of the “old-timers” are still playing. My congrats to you, your fellow officers and players. I’m hoping to stop by and see a game or two this season.
Go HDL…Go Cardinals…Go Tigers

Don Miller

I have become a fan of the entire 9 inning games, not just the time limit. I realize umpires $ plays a factor but myself and enough other players I believe would be willing to increase fees to try to make that happen. When double headers are in line for Sunday mornings maybe a little shorter compromise can be met.

The only time we make an exception for players under 30 is when we have a shortage of players. Currently the HDL is healthy and has lots of adult players who want to play baseball. There are other baseball leagues in Memphis area that we would help anyone under 30 find a team they can play for. Come out to Tobey this Sunday and we can discuss.

I think the HDL should consider a innings count per game for pitchers. Maybe max of 5 innings per game. Seems like last year may have hurt some of our better pitchers in the league. Maybe even 3 innings max for 1st half of season. Would really suck to have our best pitchers unavailable for the post season. May be just bad luck this year? Just something I’ve noticed this year and we need to protect our leagues arms.

Hello Gents,
I my surprise state Friday night, which not many things do surprise me, but I was completely, I may have failed to publicly thank the HDL Hall of Fame committee on selecting me to enter the HDL Hall of Fame.
I want to say thank you and I am very humbled and proud that you think enough of me to put me in. I think there are a lot more people more deserving than me but I want to assure you I will always try to be the best ambassador of the HDL I can be.
Thank you and God Bless.

Great job on opening weekend !!!

Hello Gents,
I would hope in the future discussions on proceeding with a very unusual wet start to the season, the officers can address the sub or fill in rule. I feel this is being abused to the effect of only certain players are being used to fill in when teams do not have enough. Vacations, family, and work are a part of the season but we need to make sure this is not being abused by teams that have enough or have injuries. Perhaps a disabled list or notify before the game like you do the non runners.
In the same respect the players communicating with their respective managers is key to this as well. With all the ways out there to communicate we should not have issues of where or if a player is to play. But I know, sadly we do.
Also, If we are going to make moves to balance teams, please do not penalize managers that draft well. Knowing who to draft and taking chances on players is part of drafting teams in the HDL. If this is taken away what’s the point? Managers and officers need to agree on who to move.
In the end its all baseball. Still lots of time left in the summer.

Jocko: Good points. The weather, injuries and uncommitted players have made weekly game line-ups difficult for managers. Dissolving our poorest performing team and combining players to a team that needs and appreciates the value of some excellent players will only make the league stronger. As long as we have been playing and reminding players they must pay their dues or can’t play, we still have a few players who are taking advantage of teams being short and allowing non-paid players to fill spots of paid players who don’t show up. Re-building 4 teams that will have enough players each week to make-up a full line-up will stop some of the abuse you have pointed out.

To Mike Stephenson : we can certainly use experienced players. Come by on a Sunday morning around 815 and see Robert, Kevin, Bo, or Larry . We will try to place you on a team that could be short players and play you as a sub until we find you a home team !

Thanks for your reply Larry. That sounds good but also sounds like you likely have enough guys this year. 901-409-9135 is my contact info if any of the managers know that they will need someone. I will also check in again early next

Do you remember a guy, who would be at all our games and would do a weekly recap, inning for inning , out for out, and it would be like you were there , even if u weren’t. Kinda like the Vin Scully of the HDL. His name is Larry Rutledge. I sure miss that guy. I put him up there with some greats like :Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, then Larry and after that, Manny Machado. Can u tell I’m an Orioles fan. Miss you Larry, and mostly, I need u more. Kevin s alright, awesome ball player , but he is an Eagles fan you know. I use to live in Philly and I’m not an Eagles fan. Bless his heart, maybe they will do something this year. Hell, I’ ll jump on that wagon, Go Eagles!! Who’s the coach anyway? My grandfather was born in Philly, I think I am an Eagles fan. My bad Kevin. Sure is tough being an Eagles fan, right Kev? My best memory was at Veterans Stadium, early 70’s, fans threw snowballs at Santa. That’s the day I knew he wasn’t real. I was 9 yrs old. We were like Gangsta fans, at 11, I was all grown up. Thanks Philly. I miss the food tho. I’m getting off the wagon now, Go Ravens!!

Sincerly, a mixed up fan. Ray ” The Rhino” Reinhart

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