Tobey Field Updates

Maintenance – Updated 3-26-14

Latest Maintenance:

Tarp Update: In early March a field tarp was donated to the HDL. When we untangled the tarp in early February, the tarp was only 100′ X 50′.  This small size will not be effective during inclement weather. A second “used” tarp was donated but it is only 75′ x 50′.  Aaron Sinzheimer and Jodie Wolfe have offered some large tarps to the HDL that will add possibilities to this effort. The HDL needs a field tarp to avoid rainouts.

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Modified Vehicle Gate.  Added vertical board to deter unauthorized entry inside field area.

Attached chain to board so it will stay attached to gate.
Attached chain to board so it will stay attached to gate.

2014 Tobey “To Do” List:

  • Monthly: Weedeat around Batting Cage.
  • Paint Dugout Covered Roof’s exposed wood.  (Started 3/13/2012; Partially complete)
  • Add more special dirt in infield to improve playing conditions. (2013 Project completed July 3rd)
    English: A baseball field drawn roughly to scale
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  • Any day weather is warm and dry.  Call or sent text to 827-6830 to check activities that might be planned.
  • Determine where manual Scoreboard could be closer to 1st base dugout. (On Hold)

Work Completed:

  • Container leveled on Sunday, 2-12-12

  • Third Base Dugout completed

  • Repaired pitcher’s Screen in Batting Cage.

  • Container paint job complete

  • Removed grass at back of infield dirt to improve rain run-off and match baseball specifications. (Completed July 23, 2013)

  • Lower infield grass high spots along inside baselines (2nd to 3rd) (Completed 2/17/2013)

  • Repair Third base Hose Foul Line that City Mower’s damaged. (August 2013)

Progress Report: (T.B.A.)

– – – – – –

Progress Report: (2/9/2012)

Third Base Dugout completed.  This project was requested by LeMoyne Owen Baseball Head Coach and their promise to help pay costs.

Scoreboard History:

Ray Reinhart donated this vintage scoreboard to the HDL.  Scoreboard installed by start of season.

Old scoreboard needed refurbishing but the effort will be worth it.

It works, rain or shine. Grahics will be added before end of season.

Changes made week of July 4th:

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